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crepicrisp Words to purge . . .
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I can grant you wishes, if to have your time; A story about a fruitless, reckless wish.


Going against my better judgement

I told you about the stars hidden underneath my bones

And the diamonds behind my teeth that tell me about those secrets

Adults hide behind their backs.

"Tell me a wish and I can grant it to you before the final sunset."

So you told me,

Pulling on my neck until your whispers were beside my ears.

"Give me the sun to hold with my hands."

I gave you a sunflower, stolen from the garden of our neighbors,

And watched as you nestled it between your cupped fingers, smile vibrant, blinding.

"Give me a rainbow to drape on my body."

"Give me a rainbow to drape on my body." A crown of flowers to adorn your curled hair.

"Give me moonlight for the night"

"Give me moonlight for the night" A jar of fireflies to accompany you in the dark.

But with all the gems and starlight in my body, I couldn't give you that one request

When your tears fell like comets, to crash on the grassy ground.

"Happiness. Surely you can give me that with your spinned lies?"

But I could do nothing, Only watching the sun set and the flowers drooping their heads for slumber.

Because no matter my gifts and selfless

I know my heart would never be enough for you.

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