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sonic the hedgehog was everyones favourite game on the sega genesis right? well, has sonic gone bad?


hi, i'm Tom. i am sending this message to you, whoever you are, and break this sonic disc. ASAP!

first i will bring you to the beginning.

so hers a little bit about me first:

i am 12 years old and i live in Florida and i'm a BIG fan of sonic!

one night, i was home alone and i got a letter with a disc.

The letter was from my friend Kile! It said "Tom, please read this till the end and follow my instructions very carefully! He's out to get me! My time is up but not yours. break the disc, and DON"T play the game! thats what he wants you to do! -Kile."

the disc was blue and black and it had sharpie on it saying, "Sonic.EXE."

but, one problem, like i said, i was a really big fan of Sonic!

so, i put the disc in the PC!

first, i had to choose a character. the options were, Tails, Knuckles and Dr. robotic?

i've played so many sonic games and NEVER have i been able to play as Dr. robotic! usually Sonic is a choice to but, he wasn't.

so i chose Tails. i made him run like i would do to every character, then i saw something towards Tails.

i nearly jumped out of my seat! there were dead animals just laying there!

i was frozen in fear when i saw this! Tails face went sad as i kept on play ing the game...

and there he was, Sonic leaning on a tree just laughing at me but, something was off about this sonic, his eyes, they were all black and had blood running down his face. then, i saw that in his eyes, there were small, red dots in his eyes. They just stared into my soul!

then the screen went black. Suddenly, i herd a scream. Then a laugh! and it went back to the start of the game...

and what i saw, nearly made my heart stop. the start of the game was terrifying! sonic was staring at me with the devil eyes, the water turned red, the sky was black the logo was rusty and it said, sega666.

i played again and i saw that Tails was covered in blood and dead.

so i chose Knuckles.

but, he slowly looked at me and he was scared, VERY scared!

then, the same happened again so i went to choose Dr. robotic and there they were, Tails and Knuckles in the character select, dead.

i chose Dr. robotic and i was playing a different level. it was a cave level with torches.

Dr. robotic was not scared like the others. And then, the flames turned blue.

then, i saw Sonic. waiting for me at the end of the caves.

then the screen turned to static. i tried to take the disc out but i can't!

then i heard it a voice coming from behind me. "make this more fun for me Tom."

i looked behind me and the sonic from the disc standing right next to me

i ran but obviously he was faster!

he pulled my arm and said, "your too slow want to try again?'

that was the story of sonic.EXE........

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