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A crossover (maybe an AU) of Gravity Falls and Over the Garden Wall.
A bit of fluff. In fact... my first fluff story posted!

By: creeps_peeps

Pine Tree & The Beast Boy

by PowerOfShips!

I walked up to this Mystery Shack building, and knocked on the door. I hear mumbling inside, and the door opened.

It was an elderly man wearing a fez, and he wore nothing but a dirty tank top with striped boxers.

“You lost, kid?” He asked me with a gruff voice. I nodded. I had also lost my brother, Greg. We had been wandering in the Unknown until I lost him and wound up here.

The old man welcomed me in as I stepped across the threshold.

“Name’s Stan, by the way.”

“I-I’m Wirt.” I mumbled, hoping he wouldn’t laugh at my ridiculous name. Stan just grunted quietly. Suddenly, there was a loud creak from above.

I turned my head and saw a boy my age frozen, mid-step, on the stairs.

“Sorry,” he said before we locked eyes, “Wait. Stan, who’s this?” Stan groaned annoyingly, and gestured to me. “This boy is Wirt. He got lost.

Now, back to bed Dipper!” Stan pointed towards the attic, and the Dipper boy walked silently back up to his room. The door closed gently.

“How’d you get lost, Wirt?” Stan grumbled. I took off my gnome hat and placed it on the uneven table near a desk.

“Me and my brother, Greg, were in the Unknown, but I lost him, and I wound up here.”

Stan looked at me curiously, “The Unknown?” I was surprised. This man is the first person to not know about the Unknown. “Yes.

It’s a realm my brother and I found ourselves in after being chased by the police.”

The old man laughed. “The police…” He was mocking me. I tried to stay neutral, and I politely asked, “Where shall I sleep?”

“The attic. That’s where Dipper and Mabel sleep.”

“I suppose they’re siblings?”

“Yep. Twins, actually.” Stan chugged a drink of coffee. I shrugged to myself, put my gnome hat back on, and headed upstairs. As I neared a door, I could hear voices getting louder.

One of them was Dipper’s.

I quietly knocked on the door, and the voices cut off. After a few, it opened. It was Mabel. “Hi! Bro-bro told me you got lost!” I chuckled nervously, “Yeah. I did.”

Suddenly, she grabbed my wrist and dragged me in.

I was enchanted by the look of the twin’s room: Dipper’s side being filled with notes and books based on the supernatural, then Mabel’s side being drowned with pink, glitter,

and a jar of… Mabel Juice? “I like your room,” I said, smiling.

But, then I frowned, “You know I can’t stay here for too long, right?” Dipper nodded, still sitting at his unmade bed. “Do you have parents?” Mabel asked me seriously.

I looked away, staring at the boy’s desk, “Yeah. I have a brother named Greg. We got separated.” I started feeling uncomfortable.

Mabel suddenly grabbed me in a bear hug and whispered, “Aw. We’ll help you find your brother.”

I smiled, awkwardly patting the girl’s back. She pulled from the embrace and went to their closet. She pulled out a pillow and a fluffy blanket. “You can sleep here!” She declared.

As she set up the “bed” for me, which was in a little cot with a triangular window, I glanced over at the girl’s brother.

“What’s your name again?” He wondered. I gripped the hem of my navy blue cape. “Wirt,” I muttered. I looked up and saw Dipper smiling.

“My name’s not actually Dipper, but people call me that because of my birthmark.” Dipper reached up and revealed a perplexing birthmark in the shape of the Little Dipper.

Surprisingly, it was on his forehead. Immediately, I wanted to touch Dipper’s birthmark, but I reclined. I didn’t want to invade his privacy.

“That’s so amazing.” I mumbled. My fingers twitched, and I shoved my hands into my pant pockets.

What’s wrong with me? “Alright!” Mabel yelled, “Your bed is all tip-top shape!” She bounced to her bed, and I awkwardly stumbled to the cot.

I sat down, and looked at Dipper. “I don’t have pajamas.” I whispered in shame. Mabel shoved something soft into my arms.

“Here!” She replied, “I got the pajamas for you!” I held the shirt in front of me, and winced. They were pink.

“They’re pink.” I said.

“So?” Mable shrugged.

I shook my head. “Nothing, nothing…” I took off my gnome hat again, and placed it on the floor next to my cot.

I began unbuttoning my cape, and removing my shoes when I realized what I was doing.

My face heated up, and I muttered: “Is there a bathroom?” Dipper, who was reading a book with a number three on it, pointed to the door. “Second door to the left.” He instructed politely.

I nodded towards him, and headed to the bathroom, holding Mabel’s disgustingly pink pajamas. I slammed the door closed, and sat on the toilet lid. That’s when I broke down in tears.

“Good God!” I screeched at nothing.

I heard footsteps, then a soft knock. “You okay?” It was the Dipper kid. Embarrassed, I wiped away my tears, and answered, “Yeah, I’m fine.

” Of course I wasn’t fine! I lost Greg, and I promised Mom that I’d keep him in my sights!

“You don’t seem fine,” said Dipper. I rolled my eyes, sighing: “Come in.” Dipper heard my response by opening the bathroom door.

He closed the door behind him, and smiled awkwardly. “Is it your brother, Greg?” He wondered softly. I nodded, burying my face with my hands.

I inhaled a shuddering gasp, “I promised Mom that I wouldn’t lose him!”

Dipper walked over, and I got up. I sank to the floor, my back against the wall. He sat next to me. “Do you know where you are?” Dipper asked.

“No. All I know is that I’m far from the Unknown.”

“The Unknown? Is that another dimension?” He was second person to not know what the Unknown was. Amazing.

I laughed coldly, “You could say that. It’s a place me and Greg got lost in, and then I lost him, and here I am!” I started sobbing again.

Dipper wrapped his arm around my shoulders, and let me lean into him. “I’m sorry. We can try to find him tomorrow.” Dipper said calmly.

“What about The Beast?” I whispered. “The Beast?” Dipper gasped. I nodded, looking at him. Suddenly, we both realized how close our faces were.

He blushed, but continued. “I think I know what The Beast is.”

I smiled excitedly, “You do?” Dipper nodded, “It holds the souls of lost, am I correct?” I laughed, “Bingo!” Then, it was all quiet. We kept staring at each other.

My heart was beating like it was going insane. Dipper’s eyes were a deep, chocolate brown, and mine were a chestnut brown.

His hands, which were in my lap and on my shoulder, were completely still. Without thinking, I reached up and moved Dipper’s bangs away from his birthmark, exposing it.

I realized what I was doing, and pulled my hand away. But, Dipper grabbed it, and pulled it back to his forehead.

My hand brushed against the boy’s forehead, and then I brought it down to his cheek. Dipper put his weight into my palm, and smiled sweetly. It was dead silent.

Suddenly, I felt his hand snaking up to my face.

Dipper sighed, suddenly grabbing my jaw, and kissed me. I was shocked at first, but soon I melted into the kiss. Then, the bathroom door opened.

“Hey!” Mabel’s voice echoed through the nearly-empty room.

“What’s taking you - oh…” We pulled away and stared at her, both of us embarrassed. Dipper stood, and sped out of the bathroom.

“What happened?” Mabel asked, even though it was obvious that she knew, due to her failing attempt to keep herself from squealing. I slowly got up, and coughed.

“Um…” What if didn’t know? If she didn’t know, I’d have to tell her. Mabel finally burst, and she screamed while jumping up and down like a ballerina.

“Don’t worry!” She whispered, trying to calm herself down, “I’m not homophobic.

Even though you two literally just met, it’s way, way too cute to shy away from!” I nodded, feeling giddy and relieved.

Mabel and I walked to back to the bedroom, and I saw Dipper curled up in the sheets. Mabel stopped me in my tracks, and walked over to her twin brother.

“Dipping Sauce!” - that must be a nickname - “Wirt’s here.” The blanket moved, and Dipper slowly sat up. He saw me, and his face turned red immediately.

Mabel nudged him with emphasis. “I know what happened.” Dipper crossed his arms and gave her a death glare. Honestly, I don’t mind that we kissed, but I do mind Mabel making a big deal about it.

“Okay, I don’t mind that Dipper and I kissed,” Mabel looked at me, and so did Dipper, “But, Mabel? I do mind you making a big deal about it,” Mabel sighed, “Sorry, Wirt.

It’s just so cute, adorable, and amazing all at once.”

I shrugged, “It’s okay. My friend Beatrice made a big deal about me almost giving my life to The Beast,” When I said The Beast, Mabel gasped. “But! We don’t have to worry about that.

I just want to sleep.” Dipper nodded, and he curled back up into his covers. Mabel was soon curled up in her own covers.

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