Counting 101: Vampire Edition
Counting 101: Vampire Edition vampire stories

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Read a vampire short poem to the rhyme of 5 little monkeys (imitation of that)

Counting 101: Vampire Edition

5 little vampires chopping off a head

weren't careful, and the carpet got red

mommy called daddy and the dracula said

no more vampires playing with the dead

4 little vampires tryin' to have fun

but weren't supposed to play in the sun

mommy said, "I am worried hun,

I've had enough, now I am done."

3 little vampires are very hurt

daddy will not give them dessert

they've annoyed their mom, that's what he's heard

but they are just kids, they're no experts

2 little vampires try to look out

apparently their mom has found out

little lies they told to humans in the out

trying to get them to come out

1 little vampire has decided

to keep safe the bodies she has found dead

humans and their torches have burnt

her family to dust and dirt.

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