Light in Darkness
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Once Upon a Time, there was a girl who saw the light in the world... but the darkness tried to destroy her.

Light in Darkness

Once Upon a Time,

there was a girl who saw the light of the world. She put hope in others. Brought sparks to sad, lonely eyes. Bringing and keeping the positive thoughts active.

Little did people know that she was dying inside, hiding behind a smile. The sparks in her eyes dimming every day, without a notice from anyone.

Darkness tried to destroy her, she pushed it away, locking it away to die. It worked. Till the darkness took too much space in its little space. Threatening, to break through.

She fought back, resisting to let others see her like this. She fought well, but it came with costs. Her brightness dimmed, she grew more tired, her focus was lost, she, herself was lost.

It was worth it, she told herself. That was her way to be positive.

It worked, that is before she noticed the darkness that surrounded her. People all around were lost, and depressed. Only bringing a piercing arrow to her heart.

The sadness only brought her to more darkness. Scaring her, making her worry about the others. Who felt the same darkness. She hated it.

As generous as she was, she brought it to herself, to bring light back to others. Even if, hers was still as dim as a cave.

That's how she lived life, bringing forth the light to others. Bringing a smile to people's faces. Seeing fireworks in people's' eyes explode for the first in a time while. She loved it.

It brought a smile to her face, it helped her bring back that light. She still hid the darkness, but she only wanted to light of others to be seen. Even, if she was still in darkness.

She knew though: That time will come when light will surround her. With her still in darkness, but by then, she hopes, the light will be back in her.

Bringing back the hope, the sparks, the smiles, the happiness to enjoy life.

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