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crazyonezzLive life like it's your last dying day
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Everyone has know or had someone pass from this disease. My grandmother who's had itfour times is still fighting, she's 90 now.

Sick once again

by crazyonezz

Sitting there patiently , the hands twitching as you fiddle with them waiting for the news of what's wrong with you.

Memories of the past times of sitting in this chair, flood the surface as they never give you a straight answer.

The point of coming here is them telling you the problem and fixing it, but what if it keeps infecting you?

Spreading through out your veins and bones

Unable to fix what's growing inside you as it leaves parts behind

Splitting your cells apart, not allowing your body to fight back but to fall

Fall into a deep darkness of weakness and tiredness

It slowly starts to kill your will of living, hope, and your dreams

As the doctor walks back in, he brings back the same news as the other three times..

You suffer from cancer..


The word you never wish to hear

Never Thought it would dare happen to you

Three times before but it wasn't gone yet

Why would it?

You did everything right. You are health, not dealing with alcohol or drugs but you still get it

But only great people get sick with it

At this point tears form and the urge to scream takes over

You only have two decisions for this disease...

Fight like the warrior you are or let it kill you.

It's up to you then and for the rest of your journey

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