My nightmare of PTSD
My nightmare of PTSD stories

crazyonezzLive life like it's your last dying day
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PTSD is something I suffer from and people don't understand so, hear is a little poem for you to understand a little bit.

My nightmare of PTSD

by crazyonezz

Everyday I see someone die, someone pass

Onto a new life that's filled with peace

They die in a veckle that was under the influence of alcohol.

Their body flies out the window, as if they were little kids trying to be a superhero's but, failed.

Instead of hitting the sky, they hit the ground.

The impact so forceful they bounce off like a rag doll.

People running over, trying to stitch up the doll but never do.

Because it's to broken, to fragile, to dead.

The nightmare of this memory relives every time an ambulance, firetruck or police officer heads out for their duty

They are meant to save lives

But they can't save my mind from that memory.

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