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crazyonezzLive life like it's your last dying day
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I suffered from an abusive father when I was young.. it still haunts me.


by crazyonezz

He told me he loved me from the beginning.

His smile, to his hugs, to his moments, to his words

But his actions showed me other wise

His love was taking a belt and hitting his anger into my back so it would bleed

Allowing me to starve in a room full of animal waste and mine

Forcing us to call him our father when he became our death writer

Screaming at me about how worthless I am and how I was a disappointment

Causing me more pain then any man will ever leave

His love was truly for the rope that ended his life

That man is the cause of me not opening up

For my insecurities that haunt me

For the flashbacks that awake me from my happiness

Makes me wonder if I'll ever be able to love again

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