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tanjiro fluff ig

"eh? where's y/n? they promised to help dress my wounds. :(" tanjiro frowned. you had worked in the butterfly mansion for a while now, as you and aoi were very alike. you could never bring yourself to fight as it brought back memories you would rather bury.

truth was, tanjiro enjoyed you taking care of him. he used to be scared of going out and fighting, but he fought for everyone. aoi, nezuko..and even you. every time he got an injury, he would secretly hope you would come to his aid, although he never understood why. he liked the way you were so gentle with him, and the way you enjoyed listening to his stories.

he thought of you over and over again, and he didn't notice you coming into the room until you called his name for the fifth time. "tanjiro? what were you- oh nevermind. let me see your injuries."

he rolled his sleeves up, and you used a small towel to clean them. you the dressed his wounds with ointment, and got up to leave. "ah, y/n? i have another wound.". you turned around and looked at him again. "really? where is it?". he reached his hands up and stopped, a blush crept onto his face. "you know what? it's nothing, just a small scratch."

"you're a bad liar. let me help you. it can't be that bad." you smiled. he huffed out and shyly removed his shirt, allowing you to see the not-so-small "scratch" that was on his chest. "holy- tanjiro this is not a small scratch. lay down." you got to cleaning the wound, noticing the little winces he was making. "if this was deeper, you would need stitches. you sure are lucky." you gawked.

you applied a special ointment you had received from a strange man with a tengu mask when you were younger. he said it would "heal wounds in a split second.". tanjiro winced once more, and it seemed he remembered something. "wah, where did you get that ointment, y/n?" - timeskip -

"i see, you must have gotten it from urokodaki." he smiled. after a while of comfortable silence, you turned towards him. "tanjiro, if you ever get an injury, you must never hide it. this is why i'm here. let me help you, alright?" you whispered. he squirmed a little, and then turned to you.

"it's not that i don't want you to help me. y/n, i can't really explain it, but you make me feel stronger. every time i think of you in battle, it gives me an extra strength. please, y/n, let me protect you forever, just as i protect nezuko. i will carry your emotions with me where ever i go, and forevermore. i love you, y/n."

he stared at you with the most honest eyes you have ever seen, and you smiled. you smiled and laughed, and then he noticed tears streaming down your face. "a-ah, y/n! please don't cry! i'm so sorry, i should have considered your feelings, and i-". before tanjiro had continued, you lifted a finger to his lips, and smiled again. "happy tears, tanjiro. happy tears."

"wait, so you accept? i'm so happy!" he enveloped you into a warm hug, and you buried your face into his neck. you two sat there until zenitsu came in to fanboy over you, and you two hugging sent him over the edge.


"HAH? YOU'RE COURTING Y/N?!?!!? TANJiRo!!!!!! I'M COMING FOR YOU! KEEP aN EYE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!" zenitsu screamed. he was chasing tanjiro around the room, and you had sat there with the three little ones; sumi, kiyo, and naho. you four giggled while watching the site, and soon inosuke had joined the chase.

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