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crabchipsao3: fallentale
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to a dear friend of mine who lives in the cursed town. i loved you, you know.

young crush

we turned our backs to the white brick wall.

giggling, shaking, and smiling.

we planted our lips onto each others.

we didn't care if people saw us.

after all, we were just kids. who cared, right?

so, we continued to grow

like dandelions in the tall grass.

we took baths with one another.

bubbles and water splashed onto the tile.

our laughter was contagious.

so light, so bubbly, so young.

we dipped our hands into the stream.

the golden rays sparkled on our skin.

it was our safe haven.

we toppled over one another, and i could see the life in your brown eyes.

(i wonder how i looked to you?)

but as we aged, you found heaven's boy and locked

your fingers around his.

my heart ached.

i don't think i was jealous because i was your friend.

i was jealous because

i loved you.

i just didn't know it.

before i left, you gave me a letter saying you'd never forget me.

but now that i'm older and i know who i am,

i think you lied.

i'm sorry, love.

if only we wrote letters, we could have spoken sweet words again.

(like the flower boy.)

i can't help but wonder how you turned out, though.

after all, you were always stuck in this decaying town.

i'm sure you changed.

(but not for the best.)

now that we're older, do you think you would've taken me into your arms

and kissed me tenderly?

would our cheeks burn a rosy red as we clutched each other tight?

we would've been starstruck lovers.

i don't know anymore, though.

but if you can hear my tearful words from here,

just know that i loved you.

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