the summer of 2017
the summer of 2017 poetry stories

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i wish i could go back.

the summer of 2017

cherry soda fills my veins.

the full moon sings us lullabies

in her melodious and soft voice.

stardust kisses our sunburnt skin.

nothing will ever compete with this string of memories.

we bask in the cool air of the basement

to avoid the heat of the afternoon.

(that's colorado for you.)

fangs dig into our stomachs as we hear

the latest disaster.

we know what's happening,

but we put on our smiles anyhow.

just keep on strumming the chords, my friend.

here, i'll sing along with you.

we're the children of a depressed generation.

all we want to do is rot in the summer sun.

as we sit in the booths of this diner,

let's reminisce on our childhoods we'll never get back.

there aren't enough milkshakes to drown out our regrets.


we're anticipating doom anyways.

hold on tight.

i don't want to let go of you guys yet.

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