the mortal's rage
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crabchipsao3: fallentale
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let us turn this chaos around.

the mortal's rage

when was the last time

you witnessed peace among the gods?

do you remember the joy that came with it?

because i don't.

and if i did, i'm sure it was masked

by the sweet water we were forced to drink as children.

now, we witness the titanomachy.

a machination of tyranny, hatred, and megalomania.

we are caught up in the crossfire.

we didn't ask to be made by careless hands.

we didn't ask for pastures painted crimson.

we didn't ask to see our brethren die.

the world may seem like it is crumbling underneath

the war on the great mountain,

but we must hold onto each other tight.

even if our swords break under the power of the gods,

we must fight back.

for our lives,

for our peace,

and for our future.

i know of mortal heroes who carried the heads of the vicious gods on their backs.

their tales echoed to the ends of the earth.

we shall do the same.

a generation born from bloody hands.

this does not define us.

come, siblings of the dying youth.

victoria! victoria!

the gods will soon bow down to us.

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