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even the greatest gods fall.

the gods weep

we were unstoppable.

they knew not to fuck with us.

we sped down the dark streets, our laughter sickening and loud.

we were gods, my friend. gods!

ichor spilled from our veins after every battle we had against the mortals.

our hearts pulsed with pride.

do you remember when i beat the shit out of the arrogant warrior?

(of course! it was fantastic.)

do you remember when you read me the greatest tales ever told?

(yes! they were astonishing.)

passion dripped from your rosy lips and onto the pages.

you wielded your pen like a sword.

the mortals bowed down to us.

they knew how strong we were.

but the gods always keep their daggers hidden underneath their cloaks.

the blades grow sharper as their bonds reach the mountain tops.

they will gladly use it for their allies,

but once everything tumbles down, they'll use it on each other.

i'm afraid this scar will stay on my heart forever, and so will yours.

you fell in love with a mortal man, i fell into restlessness.

i think it's safe to say we both fucked up.

we were silent about it, but we were causing another titanomachy.

i can't see us ruling together now, though.

the rest of the gods told me secrets that opened my eyes.

but still, i loved you. words can't describe the happiness i felt when i was with you.

you were my best friend.

i just wish we could've reigned a little bit longer together.

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