satan's fear
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crabchips local lesbian poet (they/them)
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satan's fear

i don't know what to think of you.

sometimes, your mouth will drip of honey.

the choir will rejoice in your love.

your gifts are of pure light, pure holiness.

blue eyes agleam, you smile.

but i can taste the blood in my mouth.

even i cannot hide the torture i must endure.

i can feel my teeth shatter as i keep

this pain hidden under my burning wings.

sometimes, your footsteps

shake heaven, hell, and earth.

the bottle of arsenic crushes between your fingers.

blood falls onto the land.

i want to believe that i'll see your saintly face more often,

but as an angel, i am always confronted with the bitter truth.

cast me from my rightful throne.

break my wings. crush my halo.

one day, i'll climb my way up again

and condemn you for your tyranny.

although this angelic heart of mine shrieks at my selfishness,

i know what must be done.

shall i rebel against the almighty for the sake of my own freedom?

my sibling stars, pray for me.

forgive me, mother, for i have sinned.

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