memories that don't exist (7/8)
memories that don't exist (7/8) asgore stories

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memories that don't exist (7/8)

If there was one person Undyne could trust about abnormal happenings, it was Asgore Dreemurr. The old monster was full of wisdom thanks to his old age.

If anyone was going to understand what Undyne was going through, it was him.

So there Undyne stood, outside the Flower King. With her leather jacket keeping her warm, she walked through the chilly air and into the shop.

A small bell ringed as Undyne entered. The scent of flowers wafted through the air. A soft, golden light illuminated the main floor. Beautiful, green plants sat in every corner.

Bags of fertilizer and seeds slouched against the counter. Water droplets fell off of giant leaves. Clumps of dirt littered the area around the potted plants. A jovial humming danced in the air.

Undyne caught sight of Asgore in the back of the room. He didn't notice her yet, for he was watering the plants around him. His head did perk up at the sound of the bell, though.

"Is someone here?" he asked, warmly. "Just a second, please!"

Undyne watched Asgore water the final plants with his pink watering can. Shortly after, he took a step back and brushed off his hands on his floral shirt. He turned around, smiling at his guest.

"Oh, howdy, Undyne!" he greeted. He walked up with opened his arms and wrapped them around her. "What a nice surprise!"

Undyne laughed as Asgore embraced her. "Hey there, Asgore." She looked around once he sat her back on the ground. "Are you busy right now?"

Asgore chuckled, a sense of woe in his tone. He shook his head. "No, I am not." His mood brightened. "Did you need something?"

Undyne scratched the back of her head. "Actually, I wanted to talk to you about something."

"Of course!" beamed Asgore. He turned his back on Undyne as he hurried towards the steps. "Let us chat over tea, shall we?"

Undyne nodded her head, and Asgore walked up the stairs. While he prepared their tea, Undyne's eyes fell upon the flora that decorated the shop.

She was sure that half of the plants hadn't been sold at all, yet still, Asgore was taking good care of them.

She approached a lively, golden flower sitting on the counter and ran her fingers across its petals.

Asgore came down minutes later carrying two mugs of piping-hot tea. He sat one on the counter and gave the other to Undyne.

"Now," he spoke, "what would you like to talk about?"

Undyne stared into the amber tea, the steam lifting towards her eyes. She winced as she swirled it around. "Uh, it's weird. I mean, it's really, really weird."

"Oh, do not worry," soothed Asgore. "I'm sure it is nothing I cannot handle."

Undyne brought her gaze away from the tea. She sighed, biting her cheek. "Okay." She swallowed hard. "Do you know anything about dreams? Specifically, weird-as-hell ones?"

Asgore stared at the ceiling as he searched his mind. "I have definitely had my fair share of odd dreams, but I wouldn't call myself an expert in analyzing them." He smiled.

"However, I may be able to help with breaking them down a little." He brought his mug close to his lips. "Tell me about these dreams you are having."

Undyne's uncomfortable expression melted away. She took a sip of her tea. "Well...they're pretty different, but I feel like they connect somehow." She stared at Asgore.

"Like a few nights ago, I had a dream I was hanging out with this girl." She pointed at her left eye. "She gave me an eye patch and told me to be careful.

Not even sure what I did to damage my eye, but...but she helped me."

"Hm," uttered Asgore. "Do you remember the girl's name?"

"Yeah, it was...Alphys." She pressed her fingers against her temple. "But I have no idea who the hell she is."

"Alphys?" inquired Asgore. He sat his mug down. "Are you talking about the teacher at the school?"

Undyne blinked, baffled. "There's an...there's an actual Alphys living here?"

"Why, yes," answered Asgore, surprised that Undyne hadn't known. "We are good friends, her and I." He chuckled. "In exchange for comic books, I give her flowers. We have quite the trade."

"Wh-What's she like?" blurted out Undyne. Her soul was racing.

"Oh, she's quite nice," remarked Asgore. "She can be a bit shy at points, but she's a good person to be around. Brilliant, too."

Undyne furrowed her brows, puzzled. There was no way the two Alphyses could be connected, could they?

Asgore squinted at the table, deep in thought. "I'm beginning to...think of answers, but I am getting ahead of myself." He held up his hand. "What are the other dreams like?"

Undyne frowned, tapping her fingers against the tile. "This one was two days ago; I had a dream that I was hanging out with a skeleton named Papyrus.

He was almost as tall as me and he dressed weird like he was a knight or something. I was training him to be apart of a thing called the 'Royal Guard,' but I have no idea what that is.

" She slumped. "So after we were done with that, I told him I'd take him back to a...a place called Snowdin to see his brother Sans."

Asgore ran his fluffy fingers around the circumference of the mug. "Those are detailed names for a place you do not know and people you have never met before."

"But that's where it gets strange," continued Undyne. "Yesterday, I met Sans in real life." She looked out the windows.

"He has a brother named Papyrus too, but turns out he's actually a kid and not as old as me." Her bewilderment was growing.

"And before he left, Sans said that he recognized me, even though we've never met until just then."

Asgore made an O with his mouth, astonished. "That is...that is interesting."

"Right?" said Undyne, relieved that someone was just as confused as her. "It's like he has weird dreams, too."

"Have you had any other dreams?" asked Asgore.

Undyne nodded her head before realizing the final dream she had to speak of. Her expression darkened, and she looked back into her mug of tea.

"I think the one I had last night was more of a nightmare..."

Asgore noticed Undyne's gloom. "If you do not feel comfortable talking about it, I understand."

"No, I'm fine," said Undyne, "it was just pretty scary to look back on." She closed her eyes. "I...I think I was dying." She motioned her hands towards the middle of her chest.

"There was this giant cut right here, and I was...I was on my knees holding onto a spear." She clutched her arm. "My body was turning into goo...and there was this kid." She stared at Asgore.

"They looked a lot like Kris, Asgore."

Asgore's jaw dropped. "H-How so?"

"They weren't identical, but they almost had the same face and hair," answered Undyne. She let her hands fall. "I'm pretty sure this kid was killing me."

Asgore looked at Undyne with fear in his eyes. He laughed. "K-Kris would never do something like that."

"I-I know," said Undyne. "I'm just saying that they looked like that kid is all." Her hands were shaking. "But what's even crazier is that I said both your name and Alphys'.

The way I spoke about was like you were a king or something."

Asgore rested his elbows on the counter and laughed. "Undyne, I am no king." He lifted a hand into the air. "But I am a king of flowers."

"No, like, you were a literal king, Asgore," said Undyne. She idly cracked her knuckles. "A-And I even said that Alphys was evacuating people." She looked at Asgore again.

"Dreams aren't that thorough ."

A chill ran down Asgore's spine. His shoulders tensed. "Undyne, I...I do not think these are dreams." He wandered around the space behind the counter.

"There is too much detail, and the same people are being mentioned." He stopped, his fingers on his chin. "These might...these might be memories."

Undyne watched Asgore as a lump formed in her throat. She gulped. "You think so?"

"Take what I say with a grain of salt, but these are too meticulous to be only dreams," said Asgore. He walked towards Undyne.

"The fact that you can even remember them is outstanding, Undyne. If they were normal dreams, you would have forgotten them the moment you woke up."

Undyne drifted from the counter. "Yeah, you're right..." She clenched her fists. "But I don't remember being apart them. How could they be memories?"

Asgore grimaced. "Perhaps it is deja vu?"

Undyne shook her head. "It's too detailed. Deja vu isn't like that."

"Then...then they must be memories," said Asgore, "memories of a...of a time you don't remember well."

"Like a past life?" questioned Undyne.

"Most likely." He touched the tip of a leaf, rubbing it in between his fingers. "Perhaps they are coming back to tell you something, but I do not know what that 'something' could be."

Undyne rubbed her neck. "Well, at least I was able to get some of it off of my shoulders." She gave Asgore a smile. "Thanks for helping me out.

I know it was really confusing, but it cleared up a few things."

"Of course, Undyne," smiled Asgore. He wrapped her into another hug. "If you ever need anything else, I am always here."

Undyne giggled and withdrew from Asgore's arms. She waved goodbye and exited the shop.

Asgore watched Undyne fade from the view of the windows. He sighed and crossed his arms.

Whatever Undyne was going through, he was hoping that she would turn out alright in the end.

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