memories that don't exist (6/10)
memories that don't exist (6/10) undertale stories

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memories that don't exist (6/10)

Undyne clutched her spear tight as black goo rushed out from her chest. Her entire body shook, as if a mini earthquake was happening inside her.

Her mouth tasted metallic, and she could hear a thumping noise in her ears.

Directly in front of her was a child, strikingly similar to Asgore's kid. If it weren't for the purple and blue shirt and dark brown hair, she would've mistaken the person for Kris entirely.

In their dusty and bruised hands, they carried a pair of ballet slippers. The same gunk that dripped from her injured chest decorated their tips.

Undyne looked down, the white heart on her armor beating rapidly. Grunting, she rose to her feet with the help of her spear. Her coughing morphed into weary laughter.

She pointed the spear at the child, flashing a tired, toothy grin.

"D-Damn it," she croaked. She fell back to her knees, her hands quivering. "So even that power...i-it wasn't enough?"

The child took a step closer, their expression blank. The ballet slippers hung loosely in their hands. From her position, Undyne could see blood and clumps of dust on their neck and cheeks.

Undyne locked eyes with the child, shaking her head. "If you...if you th-think I'm gonna give up're wrong. 'C-Cause I've got...I've got my fr-friends behind me.

" She coughed, black liquid spilling from her lips. She wiped her mouth as her fingers dissolved into goo. "Alphys t-told me that she'd watch me fight you...

and i-if anything went wrong, she w-would evacuate...everyone."

There it was again; that name. Alphys. The conscious part of Undyne wondered where she was now in the dream.

The child loomed over the warrior. The corner of their thin lips began to turn upward, slowly revealing their teeth.

Undyne watched as tears stung her eyes. Why was she even crying?

"By now she's called Asgore a-and told him to absorb th-the six human souls," she stuttered.

Asgore? Asgore from the flower shop? The old monster she loved dearly who took care of his plants like they were his own children? Why was he involved in this?

She curled the remaining bits of her fingers into a fist. She glared at the child. "A-And this world...

" She looked at the black sky, raising her spear into the air with all of the strength she could muster. Tears streamed down her face as her legs dissolved into dust.

The thumping noise bellowed in her ears. The wind brushed violently past her.

"This world will live on!"

Ring! Ring! Ring!

Undyne woke up with a start, sweat rivering down from her forehead. Her hair covered her eyes, but she pushed it away as she stared at the wall in front of her. She inhaled deeply to calm herself down. She massaged her temples, still shaking.

"That...that was too real," she muttered to herself. She squeezed her eyes shut. "Too freakin' real."

If only she had someone to wrap their arms around her. If only she had Alphys...whoever she was.

Undyne felt tears sting her eyes. She sniffled, resting her head back on the pillow. She shivered, holding her hands close to her chest.

She had to find out who Alphys was. There was an ache in her soul, and she felt like it lead back to that mysterious Alphys. She should've checked the resident files yesterday, but her mind was only on Sans and Papyrus at the time.

But now, Alphys was the only thing that mattered.

And maybe, she could find out why she kept having these dreams. Could she even call them dreams? They seemed more like flashbacks--flashbacks to a time where everything was at peace.

Where everything was in chaos.

The answers had to be found, and Undyne was willing to find them today.

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