memories that don't exist (5/8)
memories that don't exist (5/8) asgore stories

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memories that don't exist (5/8)

Undyne opened her eyes, her gaze locked on the ceiling fan that slowly spun around. She gnawed at the inside of her cheek, processing the dream she just had.

She gathered three names now; Alphys, Sans, and Papyrus. She hadn't heard those names in her whole life, but now she had them. They were so distant, yet so close.

These dreams weren't just ordinary dreams. They had to mean something.

Undyne was no magician, but perhaps, she could find it on her own through a more simple means.

Maybe there's something in the police department, she thought. We've got every resident in the files. I'll probably start with that skeleton dude first.

She rolled out of her bed and grabbed the hair tie lying on the nightstand. She gathered her hair to the back of her head and wrapped it into a ponytail.

A small smile creeped across her lips as she stared out the window.

She was starting to get a taste of action.


Undyne rushed into the police department, the stares of her colleagues on her back. Her eyes were glued to her office door.

"Hey, Undyne," called one of her cohorts from behind. "Why are you here?"

"Just looking for something," she said, curtly. Without waiting for a response, she threw open the door and slammed it shut behind her.

She ran over to the filing cabinet. Her fingers floated towards the second-to-last drawer. She pulled it open, fishing out two files. She sat them on her desk and opened the first.

She skimmed through pictures of people she either knew well or didn't recognize at all. She didn't find the skeleton, though.

Frustrated, she collected the papers strewn across his desk and placed them back into the first file. She opened the second, praying for a clue, but found none. She growled and closed the file.

There was no sign of a skeleton anywhere in the resident papers.

Undyne slammed her fist on her desk, gritting her teeth. "There's gotta be someone!"

There was a knock on her door. "You okay in there, Undyne?" asked a voice.

Undyne looked up, seeing a familiar blur through the window. She bit her lip and rushed over to the door. She opened it, and there stood Vendi.

"Not to be nosy, but isn't today your day off?" he asked, worried.

"It is, but I'm looking for something," answered Undyne, quickly. She grabbed the elemental's shoulders. "Vendi, are there any skeletons in this freakin' town?"

Vendi blinked and tilted his head to the side. "Uh, yeah. Two of them just moved in a couple days ago."

Undyne goggled at Vendi. "Why the hell aren't they in the files, then?"

"We're still waiting on their info," replied Vendi as he gently took Undyne's hands off of him. "They're pretty new in town, Undyne.

It's gonna take them at least a week to get everything together for us." He squinted at Undyne. "Are they criminals or something?"

"No, no," reassured Undyne. "Just need to, uh, talk to them about something." She placed her hands on the sides of the doorway. "Where do they live?"

"Uh, near that old diner," replied Vendi. "Their house kinda looks like a cabin. You can't miss it."

Undyne's mood lightened. She was getting somewhere now.

With her anticipation driving her forth, Undyne brushed past Vendi. "Thanks, dude! See you tomorrow."

"Bye-" started Vendi, but he was too late; Undyne had already ran out the door. He let his hand fall and he sighed.


Undyne sprinted through the streets and made it to the old diner. She glanced at it and noticed that the original name was scribbled out.

A new name hung off of the very end of the sign, reading, "Sans'." Intrigued, she slowed down and squinted at the sloppy handwriting.

That was new. She wondered who crossed it out.


Undyne whirled around to her left, spotting a stout skeleton sitting against the door of a cabin. He smiled at her, his hands stuffed in his pockets.

Undyne stared at the skeleton, bewildered. That wasn't the skeleton she saw in her dream. Same monster, sure, but this one was too short. Not to mention sloppily dressed.

Undyne cleared her throat and took a step forward. "Hey there..."

The skeleton walked onto the sidewalk, close to where Undyne was standing. "Don't think I've seen your face around before." He tilted his skull. "What's your name?"

"Undyne." She managed to flash a proud smile. "I'm the chief police officer here."

"Uh oh, you gonna arrest me?" he joked.

"No," giggled Undyne. Her laughter died out. "No, I...I came here to ask you something. I know I just met you, but you look like the guy I need to talk to."

"Shoot," he said. "Whatcha need?"

"I, uh...I was wondering who you were," asked Undyne. She pointed at the cabin. "I know you just moved in."

The skeleton chuckled. "Well, pretty sure you already saw my name." He nodded towards the diner's new name.

Undyne looked up at the diner's sign. She saw "Sans'" again. Shocked, she looked down at the skeleton. "You're...Sans?"

"Yup." He winked. "Pretty cool, huh?"

"I...I guess so," said Undyne in a quiet voice. She shuddered and stared at the cabin. "So, you live with anyone else, or is it just you?"

Sans glanced at his house. "My little brother and I live in there. Just the two of us."

A light bulb flickered on in Undyne's mind. She gawked at Sans. "Wh-What's his name?"

Sans shrugged, a cheeky smile on his face. "Sorry pal, but I think giving my brother's info to strangers is kinda creepy."

Undyne frowned. "It's just his name." She pointed at herself, grinning uneasily. "Besides, I'm chill. I'm not gonna kill him or anything."

"That's something a killer would say," teased Sans.

Undyne groaned, pulling at her hair. "Look, I just need to know his name. That's all I'm asking."

Sans kicked at the dirt, swinging back and forth on his heels. "Why do you wanna know?"

Undyne opened her mouth to speak, but couldn't formulate her words. She didn't want to sound creepy, for she was already in that area with the skeleton as of now.

She sighed, pushing a lock of hair behind her ear. "I, uh...heard his name in a dream last night." She quickly glanced at Sans.

"I know that sounds really weird, but I was just wondering if he's the same guy."

Sans stared at Undyne for a long, nerve wracking moment. He finally turned his gaze towards the street. "What was his name in your dream?"

"Uh, Papyrus," she answered.

Sans' eye sockets widened slightly. "Yeah...that's my bro's name."

Undyne gasped. "Are you freakin' serious?"

"Yeah." He nodded his head towards the front door. "He's pretty shy around new people.

Ever since we moved here, I've been trying to get him to go outside and make some friends, but he doesn't really wanna do that."

Undyne rose her brows in bafflement. Even though she barely saw Papyrus in her dream, she was certain that he wasn't shy. He seemed more outgoing in the dream.

Sans chuckled, close his eye sockets. "I guess that's what happens when you're a baby bones who's new in town."

"Wait, what did you say?" asked Undyne, catching Sans' words.

"He's a baby bones who's new in town," he repeated. "What about it?"

It was as if a supernova exploded in Undyne's mind.

Either her dreams were completely wrong or there was something more to this, but she knew for sure that the Papyrus in her dreams was not a child.

"Your little brother is a kid?" asked Undyne, dumbfounded.

Sans chuckled, raising a brow bone. "Yeah. What're you getting at?"

"Nothing," said Undyne. She took a step back. "Sorry for bothering you. I just, uh, wanted to know if I was right or not."

"Nah, you're good," said Sans as he waved his hand at her. His plastered smile brought forth a sense of genuine joy. "It's nice to meet new people. Maybe someday, you'll be able to meet Paps."


Undyne slowly nodded her head, hiding her realization. She grinned. "Yeah. Thanks for talking with me."

"No problem," said Sans. Silence filled the air as he stared at the pavement. Suddenly, he slowly brought his head back up and gazed at Undyne. He pointed a bony finger at her. "Hey, do I...

know you from somewhere? You seem really familiar."

Undyne locked eyes with the skeleton. She laughed, brushing her hair to the side. "I'm thinking the same thing, but I don't think we've ever met before until now."

"You sure?" asked Sans, utterly confused. He shrugged again. "Maybe I'm having weird dreams, too." He headed towards the door of his house.

Before he wrapped his fingers around the knob, he craned his neck to see Undyne. He smiled. "Welp, see you later, Miss Police Officer."

"See you..." whispered Undyne, distantly.

As the front door closed behind Sans, Undyne couldn't help but wonder if the skeleton was in the same predicament as her.

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