memories that don't exist (4/8)
memories that don't exist (4/8) alphys stories

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part 4 of 8

memories that don't exist (4/8)

"C'mon!" she boomed. "Give me all you got, Paps!"

A skeleton stood in front of her, a blue bone in his hands. He let out a proud "Nyeh, heh, heh!" and threw it at her.

Undyne was about to move until she realized the trick that came with the attack. She stood still and watched the bone faze through her. She smirked, pointing her spear at the skeleton.

"You're gonna have to try a little harder than that."

The skeleton harrumphed, his gloved hands glowing blue. "I'll beat you one day, Undyne. Just you wait!"

Undyne burst into laughter, dropping her spear. It dissipated into a thousand, sparkling specks. She dusted off her pants as the blue magic around the skeleton's hands faded away.

"You still did a good job today," she grinned as she walked up to the skeleton. She placed a firm hand on his shoulder. "We just gotta keep practicing."

"Do you really think I'll be in the Royal Guard?" he asked, beaming.

Undyne hesitated for a moment. She chuckled and gave the skeleton and thumbs-up. "I-I'm sure you will, Paps."

"Hooray!" cheered the skeleton, throwing his hands up in the air.

Now who was this? Why was Undyne calling him "Paps?" That couldn't have been his real name, right?

Despite being stuck in her dream's confusion, Undyne cackled and slapped the skeleton on the back. She walked away from the yard, leading the skeleton with her. "Alright, big guy.

Let's get you back home to Sans."

Who the hell was "Sans?"

The lean skeleton slumped, a frown on his face. "Aw, but I wanted to do more training!"

"Dude, we've been here for, like, the past six hours," said Undyne with an uneasy smile.

"I know, but it's so much fun!" countered the skeleton. He turned his gaze up to the crystallized ceiling. "I suppose future Royal Guard members have to rest, though..."

"There you go," said Undyne. "Maybe while you're back in Snowdin, you can, uh...look for humans or something."

The skeleton's eye sockets glimmered with excitement. "R-Really?"

"Yeah, dude," said Undyne. "Somebody's gotta look out for them."

The skeleton stopped in his tracks, squealing. He threw out his arms and embraced Undyne. "Wowie! Thank you, Undyne!"

Undyne chuckled, patting the back of the skeleton. "It's no problem, Papyrus."


What a strange name. It sounded so familiar to her, but she had never met a Papyrus in her entire life. First Alphys, now him.

How curious.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

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