memories that don't exist (2/8)
memories that don't exist (2/8) asgore stories

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memories that don't exist (2/8)

"H-Here. I-I got this, um...just f-for you."

She placed the eye patch into Undyne's claws. She fiddled with her thumbs as she averted her gaze. "I think i-it'll look really good on you."

Undyne gazed at the eye patch and lined it up with her bad eye. Grinning, she tied it around her head.

Why did she need an eye patch again? Both of her eyes were good. Neither of them were damaged in any way. Through the confusion of her subconscious, she assumed she needed one for her dream.

And who was this reptilian monster standing in front of her? She had never seen her in her entire life...but for some reason, she felt like she had known her forever.

Sitting beside Undyne was a handheld mirror. She brought it up to her face and stared at the eye patch covering her eye. She smiled, turning her face at different angles. "Oh, Al...

this is perfect." She sat the mirror down and smiled at the monster. "Thank you. I really appreciate it."

The monster blushed a shade darker. "O-Oh, it''s, um, no problem at all!"

Undyne felt her cheeks grow hot. She laughed heartily and rose to her feet. "I look so badass!"

The monster push her glasses higher on her snout as she giggled. Her golden tail gently smacked the rocky ground beneath her feet.

Her overbite came down upon her lip while she tugged at her pink shirt.

"Undyne..." she spoke, timidly, "w-would you, um, wanna...w-wanna hang out again?"

Undyne looked at the monster, beaming. She knelt down and grabbed her shoulders. "Of course I'd want to! You always plan the best stuff."

The monster blinked, shocked. An awkward smile came across her face. "R-R-Really?"

"Hell yeah!" exclaimed Undyne. She hugged the monster tight. "Just let me know and I'm down for anything. We'll have so much fun!"

"O-O-Okay!" piped up the monster. She wiggled in Undyne's arms. "But, uh...let's try not to get you hurt, alright?"

Undyne burst into laughter as she let go of the monster. "Aw, but that's the fun part!" She pointed at her eye patch. "Besides, I look so cool with this, don't you agree?"

The monster blushed again, nodding her head. "Y-Yeah, you do..."

Undyne chuckled and began to make her way out of the crystal-covered cavern. "Send me a text if you think of anything that we can do together." She turned around and waved goodbye.

"See you later, Alphys!"




Undyne didn't know the name that came out of her mouth, but it sounded so familiar. It was like falling into the arms of someone she loved. It was a name that carried a great warmth.

But she didn't have the faintest idea of who this "Alphys" was.

Just as the monster raised her hand to return the gesture, a screaming sound thundered in Undyne's ears.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

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