memories that don't exist (1/8)
memories that don't exist (1/8) asgore stories

crabchipsao3: fallentale
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she keeps having dreams that are too specific, too realistic. she might even call them memories, but she doesn't recall of living in them.
but then again, she remembers them. they're far from her grasp, but she can see the life she once had many timelines ago.

memories that don't exist (1/8)

In her dreams, she battled with the fiercest of enemies. In her dreams, she felt her soul beat with passion and determination. In her dreams, she wooed the girl.

But those were just dreams. Reality, on the other hand, was much more boring.

Undyne was hoping for something exciting to happen as she walked down the sidewalk in her police garb, but nothing ever did. She was surprised that she hadn't given her hopes up yet.

It was always the same, old thing; start the morning at the police station, direct traffic, see if anyone is causing trouble (which never happens), go back to the police station, go home. Rinse and repeat.

The most action Undyne ever got in this sleepy town was that a person went a mile too fast in the school zone, but when she looked back on that,

she realized it was probably one of the worst moments of action she could have been apart of.

The autumn air grew cold around Undyne as she continued her stroll down the sidewalk. The sun fell behind the horizon, and hues of black and blue painted the sky.

The lights of every building began to turn off while the street lamps turned on. Cars rode down the street, the darkness swallowing them whole.

Undyne watched them with a longing look on her face.

She always wondered where those random cars drove off to.

Were they on a journey of a lifetime? Were they just wanting to see where the great road would take them? Were they escaping a guilt that they couldn't explain?

Either way, she hoped it was more thrilling than here.

Undyne finally arrived at the police station. Sighing, she pushed open the door and stepped inside.

After walking through a row of metal desks, she entered her tiny office and threw her police cap onto her chair. She opened one of the drawers, fishing out her house keys and wallet.

She took off her utility belt and sat it on her desk. She lazily walked out of the building, too tired to say goodbye to anyone who remained.

The chilly air embraced the monster once more as she headed to her right. She twirled her ring of keys around her index finger.

She arrived at a crosswalk and turned right again, heading up the street. She could see her house not far from where she was. Noticing this, she picked up her pace.

She reached her front porch, picking out the right key as she stepped closer to the door. With a satisfying click , she unlocked it.

Undyne closed the door with her foot and chucked her keys onto the table. She turned around and locked the door. She slipped off her boots, her movements groggy and slow.

She dragged herself through the living room and to her bedroom. She blindly felt for the light switch on the wall and flipped it on, illuminating her yellow and blue bedroom.

She pulled the ponytail from her fiery red hair as she threw herself onto her soft bed.

She let out an exhausted groan and rolled onto her back. She frowned at the ceiling, irritated, bored, and most certainly tired. She dragged her hands down her face.

"Shitty day, shitty day, shitty day," she muttered to herself, each "shitty day" growing in volume.

Knowing she had to get ready to sleep, Undyne grudgingly pushed herself off of her bed and gathered her pajamas from her wardrobe.

With a sports team shirt and a pair of sweatpants in tow, she went into her bathroom to change.

Undyne slipped into her pajamas and washed her face, specks of water flying onto the hazy mirror as she did so. She brushed her teeth with a cinnamon-flavored toothpaste.

She wiped her mouth with a dirty towel. She sighed and turned off the light as she walked into the kitchen.

She peered into the fridge, pulling out a jug of orange juice. She flicked the cap off and took a swig of the drink. She made a sound of disgust, sticking out her tongue.

"Goddammit, I should've known that was gonna be gross," she grumbled. Revolted, she placed the jug back into the fridge and closed it.

She went back into her bedroom, turning off the light. She collapsed onto her bed and drew the covers over her. She rested her head on the cotton pillows.

Her eyelids grew heavy, and she drifted off into sleep.

She could now live the life she wanted to in her dreams.

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