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the relationship with my sister is difficult, especially during dinner.


the dining table shakes.

the chicken is cold, the noodles are soggy.

you stab your meal with your knife as your hatred eats up the remains of your kindness.

her shouting is paralyzing.

so is yours.

you and her have the same shit on your plates.

the silverware quivers each time a fist slams against the wood.

the door is right there. i could just leave,

find someone who will feed me and keep me warm.

yet you stop me.

i wish i could have dug that fork right into your neck.

she acts like nothing is wrong now, her belly full of rotting food.

you pretend you're satisfied, too.

keep on eating with your devil.

you ripped apart the piece of bread and threw it out into the open as a trap.

are you happy that i fell for it, just like a mouse?

you expected an answer, expected a sister,

but you don't like what's on my platter.

go on and eat.

i'll starve with an empty plate.

it's okay, i wasn't hungry anyhow.

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