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even though you've remained in the forest and i'm hidden under the mountain rock, send me some petals, flower boy.

flower boy

we're sitting on the soft grass in your yard.

the dark clouds come rolling in from the east.

they're so big that they could swallow up your entire house,

but we aren't afraid. in fact, we've been waiting for this all day.

the rain hits your rosy cheeks, and you laugh proudly.

we jump to our feet and dance as if it's the end of the world.

your trampoline is soaked and your pool is overflowing,

but we're kids. we're not supposed to care yet.

i pick dandelions and tuck them behind your ear.

your dogs bark in jubilee and follow us around.

your mom is begging for us to come back inside, but there is

a sly grin on her face.

if she was just a random stranger, she would've been sure

that we were siblings.

the petals hide in your dark hair.

grass stains decorate my shins.

we're children of the forest, easily mistaken for fae.

so while i'm 1,381 miles away from you and living on the mountain,

send me letters with your flowers pressed into them.

flower boy, leave some petals for me.

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