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crabchipsao3: fallentale
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punish us, scold us.
we deserve it

apologies to the earth

today, i wept for the earth.

i collapsed into her arms and sobbed.

her soil was wet with our tears.

"we're killing you," i whimpered as i caressed her face.

"hush," she soothed, and that was all she said.

she cradled me, and her dark brown eyes looked out into the distance

that was covered in smog and death.

the flowers beneath her feet withered up.

the trees shed their leaves permanently.

the clouds of smoke wrapped themselves around her neck,

and choked her.

i don't know how, but she survived.

injured, yes, but still breathing.

still living.

and as this heart of mine aches,

i can feel the falling chunks of ice shake the ocean.

(don't have mercy on us.)

even she is angry.

gods, the ocean is furious.

her waves are as high as the mountains,

and the beasts of the abyss are returning once more.

the earth is merciful, but the ocean is not.

she will wreak havoc, and she deserves to.

earth mother, follow her footsteps, please.

we've ripped you of your glory, and gods, you shouldn't have let us.

i'm so sorry.

your life, your power...all gone.

(you should have never created us.)

so, go on, earth. go on, ocean.

give us the consequences. we deserve it.

mother nature is becoming wrathful,

and this time, we should let her punish us.

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