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First chapter was too big so i had to make it a 2 parter


Shiro VS The World Of Magic

The day was as mundane as anyone would think. A usual Saturday morning blessed by the nice summer sun and the soft gale of the air that cruised through people's faces and hair.

A usual day like any other. The beautiful blue sky was decorated by some clouds with different shapes and sizes that would make any child's imagination go crazy.

With people walking around the stores and buying whatever their mind and heart desired.

A morning with people walking to their jobs, with kids playing in the parks and in the streets, with teens walking around in groups and arguing whether they should go to the mall or the beach.

The sun slowly gave its place to the night blue sky and just like a normal day, the night succeeded what came before it. The stars rose up and shone just like jewels shone under light.

The pale moon guided everyone down bellow who were looking for a way home.

The streets slowly emptied form the crowds that were filled with children, teens, adults, workers and people from all walks of life.

The stores slowly one after another closed down as their customers left to go home.

The parks that were filled with children screaming on top of their lungs with playful voices, now had a few romantic souls that wanted to have a good time with their loved one.

The soft wind breeze kept walking amongst the people giving them the refreshment they needed. The night turned even more dark after a few hours and even fewer star shone upon the sky.

It felt as if the stars would fall asleep the way one after another would just vanish. The blueish shade of the sky slowly became a much more darker shade, almost too dark to be blue.

The sky turned black. The kind of black that would suck the light off the world for good. The change was sudden but no one was there to lay his eyes on it.

The thick darkness of the sky kept crawling around until it completely swallowed every star that shone. Even the soft gust of wind turned. A rather vicious gale of wind replaced the kind wind.

A strong gust to feel like a punch to the body flooded the entirety of the parks and the malls and the seas. The pale moon turned as well.

The white moon that lovers used to gaze upon had ceased to exist and in a split second it became red. Red like the blood spilled in wars. A sudden change that bare no one saw as well.

A strange sight for the mortal eyes to look at. Just as the unnatural took place an even stranger sight happened.

The dark sky split in two like a sword plunged through it cutting it in two same pieces.

Out of the darkness a figure fell from the clouds with tremendous speed, so much so that it was engulfed in flames.

As it finally reached the dirt the impact was so strong it sent shock waves at the other side of the earth. From the crater of the impact the figure rose up and looked around.

No one was out in the streets or even at their balconies to see what happened.

No people rushed out of their home to record the man that fell from the sky nor the crater that was bigger than the nearby mountain. It was like nothing happened.

The man was stripped from clothes and shoes. He walked naked for a bit around the place where he had just crash.

He moved his hands around and out of thin air clothes and shoes appeared fitting him like a glove. A long green shirt covered his lengthy but thin torso and on top of that a purple vest.

He wore light green jeans and brown shoes. He caressed his green hair that complimented his blue eyes. He had a scar under his right eye that seemed fresh.

His freshly shaved face complimented his small nose and strong jawline. He stopped walking when he reached the center of the town he was in and took a deep breath.

At that moment everything stopped. The air wouldn’t even dare to pass him. The darkness hid from his presence and the blood moon turned back to its pale color like a man who had just passed out.

He then released his breath and with that a few words came out of his mouth.

“I'm back in town baby!” he screeched with all his might, yet it was as if no one could hear him. The man was like a phantom, a ghost, like he did not exist at all.

He continued walking down the road he was in but this time he kept silent. Everything turned back in normal again, the wind, the moon, the sky. Everything became as it was before.

The sky's color returned to what it was, the trees stood as guardians and did not move around as much. The air slowly moved through the streets like a human walking around.

Everything became what it seemed as an ordinary night but there was nothing ordinary about that night nor for the man that came with it.

The night passed as fast as it came. The howling wind turned back at the slow and carefree breeze it was the previous day.

The streets were no longer illuminated by the night lights but the sun that graced the citizens of the city with his light.

It was still pretty early when people got out of their homes to go to work. At about seven the streets were a bit crowed by vehicles moving around to different destinations.

Mondays usually were the most busy days due to people going to work but as it was the last day before summer vacation kids and students would jump onto the street rushing to go to school,

something truly rare to bare witness. At around eight students from different schools started running in the streets, rushing to reach school.

The faster they reached school the faster the day could end and go back to sleep. Groups of young people gathering around talking about their plans.

Others wanted to the beach for some fun, while others wanted to go just because girls would be there. Others planned entire trips to other cities or countries.

The bright sun inspired them to put more thought in their plan for the summer. Although most of them had something on mind they had first to finish school to get on with their plans.

Suddenly most of them wanted to slow down and maybe be a bit late to school to savor the sweet moment of their release.

The students soon reached their schools and were welcomed by their teachers that were waiting them out in the school gates.

Being the last day didn't mean much to them as they would continue to do the same things they did in class before.

It was eight thirty when the bell rung and all of the students rushed to their classes. Everyone was sat on their desks and patiently waited for the bell to march the end.

Everyone except someone who was running like a maniac to reach his school in time. His scruffy black hair moved through the wind as he was running down the road.

His face had turned pale despite running for what it seemed like a lot of time. His fists were tightly clinched together and his veins could been seen from his legs.

He would constantly look at his watch to his left hand. His uniform's black jacket was covered in sweat and his pants were roughed up by mud and dirt.

He kept glancing over to his clock with his dark brown eyes.

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