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part 2 of chapter 4

Shiro VS The World Of Magic

The light slowly touched he sky, dragging them upwards. Shiro looked at his feet and saw that he wasn't touching the ground any more.

He wanted to shout but Asuka was ready to shut him up once again. He felt so light but at the same time he wasn't drifting like a balloon.

He felt the light leading him instead of him going on his own. He looked up and saw that he was at the highest point the light was reaching. He head slowly pierced the light.

Shiro looked around him and his jaw dropped. The colors surrounding him astonished his sight. The colors of the rainbow in every shape the human mind can think of.

It was like a thousand stars exploding at the same time and each one of them merging with another.

“Please close that jaw of yours. Clearly you didn't brush your teeth this morning.” said Asuka with her eyes closed.

“What is this?”asked Shiro.

“I used a teleportation card. We are traveling through realms right now.”

“Through realm? Wai- wait is this Bifrost?”asked Shiro.

“No, but it's not a bad way of putting it.”she said.

“It's beautiful. Where are we going?” he asked yet again.

“My master's house in the park.”said Asuka.

After a few moments a light suddenly appeared creating what seemed like a door.

“We arrived.”said Asuka as she opened the door in front of her.

She walked right in the room with no hesitation.

Shiro gulped.

“Here goes nothing.”he said, walking right across the door.

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