“I’m Embarrassing! There’s a Difference!”
“I’m Embarrassing! There’s a Difference!” london stories

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Another little play around with a scene. 💕

“I’m Embarrassing! There’s a Difference!”

I was making my way down the hallway of my friend’s apartment building. The party had begun to die out, so I decided it was also time for me to go home.

“Cal!” I heard someone shout after me. I turned to find Lily running towards me.

We had never met before today, but shared a mutual friend, that’s how we had been introduced about 5 hours ago. The owner of apartment 23, 45 Buckley Street, London.

She reached me halfway down the hall. A little out of breath from running in heels, she asked, “You’re the shy type aren’t you?” A smirk across her face. Not like a cheeky smirk, but more so that she was amused or found my anxiousness endearing.

“That easy to tell is it?” “Well, since you won’t ask me… I guess I’ll do the honours. Can I have your number?” Swaying her body left to right.

I let out a slight giggle as I smiled and passed her my phone, and she passed me hers. I punched in my number and saved my name into her phone as Cal the Foreign Boy. Hopefully something she could smile at when she goes back to Australia.

And she did smile when I returned her phone to her. “Rightio! Well I had a great time tonight.” The smirk now turned to a shy grin. “So did I. When do you leave for Australia? I’d really like to see you again before you leave.”

The truth is I didn’t want this night to end. We had ended up on the balcony just the two of us and had gotten so deep into conversation. A genuine connection that I’d never experienced before. And yes we may have made out a litte. Ok, maybe a lot.

“I leave tomorrow night…” “Oh…” “But hey, I’ll Skype you when I get home...” “Yeah. Yeah, that sounds great!” “Ok then. I’ll talk to ya later Foreign Boy.” She waved her fingers in the air like little guns. Something like The Wiggles.

“I don’t know why I just did that? I’m gonna walk away now.” She blushed and began to walk back down the hall to the apartment again. “You’re funny!” I called to her.

She turned to face me, continuing to walk backwards, “I’m embarrassing! There’s a difference!”

I smiled and shook my head down to face the floor. “No, you’re cute.” I mumbled under my breath. I turned and continued my walk to the elevator.

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