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Just something I quickly whipped up today...

Coffee Shop

I step in from the cold and rub my hands together as I walk up to the counter. I’m greeted by a lady with an ear to ear grin, “What can I get for you today?”

“Flat white, thanks.” She presses the buttons on the register.

“Name for that one?” “Oliver.” I hand her some cash from my wallet and she, in turn, hands me my change. I move to the side so the next person can order and immediately jump on my phone.

“Just your usual?” A regular. “Yes, please”. I look up. She’s cute. She pays and I move a step over so she can wait for her order too.

I’m scrolling through instagram like I don’t notice her. I don’t get why I don’t just say ‘hi’ like a normal person? My mates always try to encourage me, but I get nervous and chicken out. Here lies a perfect example.

Standing in a coffee shop next to a really cute girl - who’s head tilt and deep breath indicate a disinterest of her social media feed - and I’m too scared shitless to say anything. I’m an idiot.

I put my phone back in my pocket. She returns her’s to her bright red bag. I keep darting my eyes around the room. “Coffee, am I right?”

Wait, is she talking to me? “Sorry?” “Coffee. The nectar of the gods.” “Oh! Yeah! Can’t survive without it.” “Oh I could, but I choose not to.”

Funny. Cute and funny. Man up and get her number! Stupid nerves.

“Oliver!” The barista hands me the coffee over the counter. I walk out the door and begin down the street, back to work. A few metres and I instantly regret not continuing the conversation. I turn back around and see her walking out of the shop, coffee in hand.

I call out “Hey!” and lightly jog in her direction. She turns to face me. “Hello again.” She smiles up at me.

“I know we don’t know each other, but would you maybe wanna grab coffee sometime?” She lets out a little giggle, drops her eyes to her feet and back up. “That sounds like a good idea to me.” “Awesome! Um, let me give you my number.”

I take my phone out, and so does she. We both unlock them and swap, so we can punch our name and number in. When we’re done, we swap back.

“I guess I’ll see ya around then?” I scratch the back of my head. I can’t believe I actually just did that. “Definitely.” Then she turns and walks away.

I lift the screen of my phone up to read her name, Maya.

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