You Where Warned
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courtneywalters8 grade writer
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The night pulled her and she came out into it. And she payed the price for it.

You Where Warned

by anomalous

I was told to stay in at night, but as usual I don't listen. My mom thinks stupid stories about demons in the night will scare me to stay inside but I don't believe her.

Something about the night time pulls me out. Maybe it's the cool air or maybe it's the dark sky , I can't say for sure.

As I sneak out my bedroom window I'm terrified of being caught. I go anyways. I live in the country and my house is surrounded by trees.

As I am walking in the woods I gaze at the night sky. I'm feeling the most wonderful feeling in the world- freedom.

I continue walking deep into the forest. I hear something. I feel a wind against my back, I swirl around to see nothing but trees.

Suddenly something grabs my ankles. It happened so fast. Next thing I know I'm in one of the trees, at the top. How did I get there?

Something lands onto the branch next to the one I'm on. I figured out how I got up there.

It was the demon I am now face to face with. It was a vampire. It turns out my mothers stories where true after all.

My heart beats fast. I don't know what to do. The vampire smiles. It wants my blood I know it.

It shows me it's fangs as it come nearer and nearer to my neck. Then I feel a burning sensation coming from my neck as the vampire slowly drains me of blood.

I was warned, I didn't listen, and I payed the price.

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