I'm Okay
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courteneyqueenLive life to the fullest.Find yourself
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Kiara has the perfect life.But what happens beyond the close gates of The Jacksons?Why is she trying to run away?

I'm Okay


I couldn't ask for anything more.

Because I have the perfect life.

I've got everything I need.

Everything I wanted.

My mother and my father aren't on the best of terms.

They'd always be fighting and sometimes I'd get the blame.

But it's okay.

I'm okay.

Have you realised it yet?

Do you know what I'm trying to say?

My friends never notice.

At first I'm fine.

But the next day I'm covered in bruises.

Which they think are just spots and I am getting uglier everyday.

Every night before bed I'd cry and cry.

I feel useless.


I'm tired of being weak.

I had to get far away from that house.

That house gives me nightmares and breaks me.

I can't leave.

You need to figure it out ple-

Did you figure it out?

I knew if I tried to leave,If I tried to tell you guys.

My life would be over.

I'm okay.

Save me.

Before he finds me again

THE END Thanks for reading

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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This was so painful and morose that I was caught up in the sympathy that you evoked with your vivid descriptions of this poor child. Great story!!!!!!!