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Aria is dying and only has thirty minutes to live.Share the last minutes with her.Read at your own risk.

Before I Die


In thirty minutes I am going to die.


I'm an eighteen year old girl diagnosed with NLS.

It's a very rare disease and I was unlucky enough to get it.

Three years ago I was told I only had three years to live.

And here I am on my death bed waiting to stop breathing.

Stop living.

I recently gave birth to a baby girl.

I'm so scared of dying.

I don't wanna die.

My baby needs me.

And I don't want my last moment of her seeing me dying.

I need to get out of here.

I don't have anyone except my brother.

And my sweet boyfriend who made the last three years the best remaining three years.

I'm not staying in here.

So I take my baby and we go to the beach which is literally next to our house.

Fifteen minutes left..

I lay on the sand with the baby in my hands.

"I am going to call you Hope."

Hope gurgles in response.

I laugh. It hurts but it was nice.


"What are you doing out here Aria?!"My boyfriend looks so worried and scared.

He cuddles with me on the beach.

"This is perfect,this how I want too see before I leave."

"You're not going anywhere Ari."

I feel tears running down my cheeks as we cuddle on the beach with Hope.

3 minutes left

I slowly struggle to breathe.

Is this how it ends then?

"Before I die Mason promise me one thing."I whisper

"What is it?"

"Look after our baby."

"Of course."

"Thank you."

Aria didn't have to die.


Each time you tapped your screen or clicked.

You were killing her even faster.


Let's continue.

One minute left.

I can't speak now.

I start coughing.


I can't say anything to him.

He must be terrified now.

I am wheezing.


I slowly look up to look at him.

I lightly smile at him.

I think he was crying I don't know I am already closing my eyes.

All my memories.

Moment gathering into one.


Thank you for reading!

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