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how have we drifted so far away from our roots?


by amaranthine

Do the stars here shine just as bright as they do at home?

Because the way that I look at the world has changed ever since I left, and I wonder if the stars have, too.

I wish I could look at the sea like I used to, and feel in awe of the strong waves carrying the spirits of many, wild and free in its own beautiful way.

I want to look at a forest, and think of how boundlessly intricate they are, holding countless of secrets we will never find the answer to.

I wish I could feel the soft breeze of the wind blowing my hair out of my eyes, and feel the endless freedom in my soul without a care.

I want to look at a bonfire and feel reassured by the bright sparks jumping around, lighting up my surroundings before eventually dying out.

But instead, all I feel is the emptiness in my heart as the vastness of the universe swallows me in its thoughts, trying to distract me from the fact that I am nothing.

Because the way I view the world has changed, and I can't look at my arms without seeing the veins pulsing in it, reminding me that I'm just a fragile human.

I'm reaching desperately for the old me, the person who laughed carelessly and danced in the rain, not minding the specks of water they got on their clothes.

But I can't seem to reach them.

Because they're still at home, looking up to the bright stars in a way I never can.

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