Crime and Punishment
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cornyron When you hit rock bottom, dig for oil.
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This was inspired by... you guessed it, Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky. However, I personally have a differing interpretation of the book than what I write here. The writing posted here is my own musing about the idea of crime and punishment than the actual book. Anyways, thanks for spending the time to read my work!

Crime and Punishment

Crime and, Punishment. They're two sides Of the same coin.

Crime. Under the law, A transgression. Whether to hurt or help.

Punishment. A transgression, Done by law. Whether it hurts or helps.

Both are blank but, One made good. One found evil. But are they really?

We punish, Those we deem unworthy. Those who deserve, Because law said so.

We cheat, Those we deem we can. Those we think deserve. Because our minds said so.

But what is the law? If not mind's creation. So what really is, Crime and punishment?

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