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Self-Worth is brought from the inner soul. Use it, wield it, persevere through the trials, because you never will know your true worth till its all said and done.


To myself,

Self-worth is planted from within,

It is grown through the thick and thin.

Do not let others bring you down,

Especially when they can’t make the time to hang around.

Let them go, let them run,

When thinking about them isn’t even fun.

Let your imagination wander, but don’t go back and ponder,

Let them think, if they speak, don’t go back like an emergency responder.

Your life is yours; your goals are set,

So do not reflect on the past and fret.

Set new ones, revised through life lessons, enriched with hope,

To help you not be a mule dragged by a rope.

When you read this, you will have overcome your insecurities,

When you apply this, you will have let go of your impurities.

For your self-worth is imperative to living happy,

With it lost, you will live your life feeling crappy.

Grasp it with your heart; arm it with your soul,

Once you find self-worth, you’ve reached your ultimate goal.

Now go live life happy as ever, letting no one tear you down,

In the coming years, I am confident you will have a big turnaround.

Sincerely, A Hopeful Me.

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