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corhutch Community member
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Living life selfishly will only get old, do not take people for granted through the thick and thin. See the inner heart, not the superficial skin. You will be surprised how far it will take you. Give someone One Chance.

One Chance

When love is lost,

Love is due.

Let the cold heart defrost,

You will realize how much you grew.

When fear is in sight,

Your soul will show you the light.

Power through, persevere, and let happiness spread,

For laughter is the cure for what lies ahead.

Live every moment without expectation,

For true love, that is the foundation.

Trust in God, everything will be stable,

But be aware, you do not know the timetable.

When you find that love, chase it,

When heartache conquers, face it.

When someone makes you smile, acknowledge it,

When someone makes you laugh, embrace it.

As time passes, memories stay,

As times get tough, you pray.

One thing I do know is this journey has yet to unfold,

And I promise you, with one chance, it will never get old.

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