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for those who suffer from anxiety, there are some that understand

anxiety...go away

by corbinitsukocal

how difficult it is to explain anxiety to those who don't understand,

it's like losing yourself with no one offering you comfort or a helping hand

it's like broken glass has entered deep inside of your heart

its like the world is trying its best to break you all apart

i sit alone outside and i always wonder why

why was i given the qualities that make me want to cry.

constantly afraid of life, this isn't how i want to be

so why God, why, did this have to happen to me.

every time i think i'm doing fine i take myself off meds

then soon enough i'm breaking down with all these thoughts inside my head.

a rush of emotion and i'm headed for the door,

heading for a place where i can cry alone on the floor.

i see my friends have fun as i miss out on fun events

but the anxiety that comes with going out is not equivalent.

I'll be fine one moment, still the next...

then suddenly I'm shaking into a nervous wreck

I feel overwhelmed with emotion, not knowing how to breathe

i feel the walls come closing in and crashing down on me

sometimes all i want is someone to tell me it'll be okay

but no one understands anxiety, everyone looks the other way.

depression and sadness often come with anxiety too

which it all overwhelms me and i'm left not knowing a single thing to do.

anxiety isn't easy, anxiety is no where close to fun

but understand when feeling anxious, you are not the only one

anxiety does not define you, you are much more than the sadness you feel

with time it will get easier, with time you will heal.

I constantly reassure myself that everything will be okay

because even with anxiety, theres still pure beauty in each day.

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