Chapter Two: morning daze
Chapter Two: morning daze stories

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Second part of A Swift Change. Yet another cliffhanger though less than the one before. What the kid told her is important, I’ll give you that. Have fun and imagine what he told her.

Chapter Two: morning daze

The sun is setting when I pull into the driveway.

My house is rather simple, with a gravel driveway leading to the white garage, the windows are tiny, but my mom makes the most of them with white sills covered in flowers.

Right now the flowers are in a dead state. Dad probably forgot to water them, oh well. Why she would ever ask Dad to take care of flowers is beyond me.

I pedal over our patchy yellow lawn, drop my bike on the doorstep, and slide through the door. In the kitchen Mom is making dinner. “You’re late!” She yells over the loud kitchen fan.

“Sorry” I sprint up the stained carpet stairs and into my room. My mind is reeling. Could it be? No, that is just a kid. What would he know about his older brother. Maybe he mistook me for some other girl.

Dinner would be a quiet one as always. Afterward I would go back to my room and finish my homework, then go to bed.

But this night it rains all night till nearly one, so I find myself staring at the ceiling. The only light colored wall in my midnight blue room. I awake to my alarm clock ringing...

For the third time. Realizing this, I jump from bed, freed from my foggy daze. I get ready for school in the usual uniform, I accidentally put on my short skirt.

Oh well, there’s no time to fix it. I race down the stairs, jumping off the third step, and slide into the kitchen.

I shove my toast into my mouth, not taking the time to chew and swallow properly. I throw together my lunch as I gulp down my orange juice.

I grab my backpack, clip on my chrome book, and practically jump into the car. As I ride in the messy backseat of my car, my daze from earlier slips back over me.

Even when my mom yells at the other drivers, I still can’t shake off the daze. It’s like a fog, and I can’t escape. When our car gets to the front of the carpool line, I feel as if I have melted into the seat.

I have great difficulties getting out of the worn, but comfortable seats. I slide out and glide my way into the school building. I head into the gym, avoiding kids playing basketball.

I narrowly avoid getting hit by one ball. I plop down on the once shiny yellow bleachers, next to my friends. They give me acknowledging nods before turning back to their conversation.

Damien is popular and yet still my closest friend. He comes and sits next to me. I stay on the bleachers with a closed, blank expression, while he tries to start conversation.

I am too deep in my daze to join in. Eventually he decides to end his attempt at conversation and joins the other popular people.

I sit alone until the morning bell rings, and we all head off to homeroom. My daze lasts for three classes leaving me only one more before lunch.

My teachers seem to have accepted my daze, since they don’t call on me. They seem to have something to say, but I can’t hear them. I’m off in wonderland.

I guess that’s what happens when you don’t sleep a wink at night. When the classes switch I get out of my seat and zombie to my next class, literature.

It seems my homework has magically done itself. It is in literature class that the spell is broken. The partners are being called. I prepare for the worst.

The daze shatters bringing me back to reality. In perfect time too, right before my name was called. “ Sofia and let’s see... Damien. You will be partners for the project.

” I’m beyond surprised, is this just a coincidence? He is the cutest, nicest, most popular guy in the grade, and my best friend.

What a huge coincidence that this happens after what that kid told me.

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