The Wisdom Of No Escape.
The Wisdom Of No Escape. heaven stories

coolcocktail37 Community member
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How to become satisfied with delicious.

The Wisdom Of No Escape.

I'm stuck with myself in love. I always am, a permanent light on like you.

What's to be done if anything? Well, Play of course. Remember your wooden horse?

Remember play? Anything could happen today if we dance.

Arrogance? No, divorce.

I simply like the course of the stream, cool and beckoning.

What a devastating show heart is now...less intense but so much on fire I could cause rocks to scream your sacred name human.

You are on stilts carried along high.

What do you need to do to say goodbye to the broken shards, the discards?

You will grow wings, it is certain.

But how long will you take to draw back the Curtain?

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