to return home
to return home love stories

constellationsanon lesbian / pining secretly
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inspired by a real experience

to return home

it is a cool autumn night when it strikes me she is different from the rest

for no simple conversation has made me feel anywhere near what a single text from her could

it comes to me in small ways ah, she would like this oh, this reminds me of her this would make her laugh

a single smile from her lips then moving across her face lighting her up i am sure of this

the winter comes and with that, a new realization that perhaps i am different

that perhaps i am significant the quiet, particularly uninteresting me could, by some miracle, appeal to you who is breathtaking who with a single word could captivate me entirely

it is the heart pounding feeling the jitteriness spreading from my chest reaching the tips of my fingers, stretching towards my toes tips the comfort i feel

her presence causing me to feel millions of emotions at once yet at the same time a feeling somewhat like returning home

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