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tiny things make me think of you. however, you still don't pick up on that

small things

i have always found the littlest things to have most impact a puff of breath pushes and sends several seeds soaring with ease

an evening walk under the cool summer sky slowly mellowing your headspace tiny gestures sing such sweet melodies enticing your heart ever so slowly ever so gently

yes, the little things are what stand out little things like waking to a series of sporadic messages, each packed with its own individual secret each message sent knowing that, even though i cannot see just yet, you think of me

thinking is the smallest gesture of all thinking ironically carries the most meaning despite its minuscule size thinking says you are on my mind even if you are not around

that small events in your life remind you of me even if i was not there it is the sweetest surprise, the warm wakeup call saying you are significant enough to grab my attention it is the greatest gesture, incomparable to any other

do not be afraid to let others know that even for a moment they have occupied your headspace something so small, so seemingly insignificant can alter a person's whole view not only of you but of their self it means more than the entire world to be thought of only once.

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