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constellationsanon lesbian / pining secretly
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for @cosmic
this started out as a Joke but it got a bit sentimental i hope u like it


ill paint you a pretty picture my brush a pen and my paint a thick ink to be filled solely of words for you ill paint you my feelings because a picture, 1000 words, is not enough

sixteen, we joke sixteen i write a comical message buried within the depths of my gentle flow

the field of eyes watching puts you at ease on this quiet farm today i am a visiter so do let me in

my words, my writing, scrambled a messy hand, scribbling ink chicken scratch i like to think that made you laugh a mess, at first until you decipher its code quite like these words to anyone else, this work could not translate

my words stream from my agape mouth my parted lips trailing down to my finger tips as i type away perhaps the highlight of my day is hearing from you

i write this half jokingly a silly ballad stemmed from one of many early talks i write this to create a mess of my emotions

my prettiest work vague, scrambled an incoherent scene meant for you the sole translator for no other can see the beauty the feeling i pour into these words

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