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my family's journey

Little Spark

by connorcurran

my mom had been complaining about a pain in her neck.

My dad, my older sister and I laid next to her in her bed. I knew something was wrong, it was the first time i saw her cry. "Can you die from cancer mom?" I asked. She nodded.

I didn't understand

I remember her being sick a lot, never talking too much, always never looking quite the same ever since that night we laid together in her bed.

What was happening?

No one or nothing could explain to me why my mom, the woman who I looked up to, the women who looked out for me and the woman who I loved with all my heart, had suddenly changed.

I remember her hair falling out.

I would admire her as she brushed her hair, she'd pause as wads of hair would fall out. I came home from school one day and all of her golden hair was gone. But she was still beautiful to me.

After things got bad, she had to go away.

She had to leave us for 3 months in the hospital, we would go visit her every weekend, but it wasn't the same without her.

Every shooting star, every birthday candle and every fallen eyelash, I would wish for her to get better. For this never ending battle to stop.

For a moment I thought it would never come true...

But I was wrong.

She became well enough to come home, things were turning around . I felt a little spark inside me that day, it gave me a sort of sense that was telling me everything was going to be okay.

Then one day the routine that I had gotten used to, changed.

The usual doctors visit to the hospital, turned my world around completely, when I heard the words"You're cancer free" In that moment my life filled with undeniable joy .

I never stopped hoping, I never stopped wishing

that little spark I felt inside me, turned into a wild fire that spread through out my body, and filled my heart, finally I knew everything would be okay.

I am 16 years old now with my mom still by my side.

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