1/7/18 unrequited love stories
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connoralex || connor || 16 || he/him || poet ||
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• tw some of the images include blood and bruising
• first line taken from Slaughter House 5
• I’m turning this into a song but it’s one of my favourite things i’ve written so I thought I would share in poem form :)))


Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt For our witness was the sky But the sun and the stars only saw a small exert Because under ceilings I would cry

You said you loved me in overt But feelings you would hide I wish the memories would revert To the day that you first lied

Up on towers tall and brown I said I would never leave But then the walls came crashing down And I’m only left to grieve

How could I have been so naive To give you a golden crown when all you do is deceive And tear up this town

You used me for all I can give Then threw me away You put a knife in my back Oh, why couldn’t you just stay

I used to always forgive A heavy price I had to pay I never thought I would outlive The days that all turned to grey

Now that it’s over I sit in silence

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