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The Ambassador Program Info

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So you think you can be an Ambassador.

Great! We're honored too know that you've thought about joining! But... (Yes, there's a but...) There will be some info on the Program for you to know before you apply. Ready?

The goal of the Commaful Community Ambassadors Program is to better support, encourage, and inspire the amazing community members on Commaful! The people are what make Commaful so special!

This is a volunteer program run by volunteers and supported by the Commaful team.

What you'll do.

Welcome new community members and help answer questions ● Run the @community account for community building posts. Get creative!


● Come up with new ideas to support the community, both on the site and through social media ● Interface directly with the Commaful team on new ideas and tools

Traits we are looking for in applicants:

● Has published at least 1 story ● Active for at least 1 month ● Leaders in the community ● Can dedicate 4 hours a week to the team

I'd like to warn you...

That you will not have the option of calling yourself a Commaful staff. You are volunteers. You may be chosen for the program, but you are not immune to expulsion. Please abide by the rules.

Applications will have a deadline.

Applications sent before or after the start and end deadline will be disqualified. Please be sincere in your responses in the application form.

Keep an eye out for the starting point!

We'll be making a story when it is open. So keep tabs!


Rina Martins. (Commaful Ambassador Manager)

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