A Secret You Have Never Told Anyone- Results
A Secret You Have Never Told Anyone- Results stories

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A Secret You Have Never Told Anyone- Results

by community

These stories are from anonymous commenters,

No name will be mentioned , or username, and please be nice in the commenting, guys!

"I cry when I poop."


"I am falling in love with someone who will hurt me.

I am scared." -anonymous

"I think I like this girl I've met recently...

Who I honestly have suc a connection with, but the issue is...I already have a girlfriend. " -anonymous

"I want to commit suicide. "


"I roleplay characters by myself,

And interact with myself as them." -anonymous

"I was addicted to porn at the age of 12.

Today, thanks to God, I'm free, and feel disgust whenever I see it. Or think about what I did. I'm scarred for life, bit Good has given back my purity." -anonymous

"Sydney is awesome."


"I sucked my finger until 8th grade."


"I have had an eating disorder for the last five years."


That's it, folks!

If your story wasn't added, stay tuned for more stories like this one, and contests! Don't feel bad, if you didn't get a chance to tell your secret, next time you just might!

Thank you all who submitted their secrets.

-The CommafulAmbassadors

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