Commaful Interviews #6
Commaful Interviews #6  bruvton stories

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Commaful Interviews #6

Do you have any advice for commaful?

Be weird. Be what nobody else is and who you want to be and don't try to squeeze yourself into the false mold of "normality". In other words, be yourself!

What do you like the most about commaful?

I love everything. The community, the content, and the overall idea. Commaful takes everything away from the toxic world of instant gratification and turns it into creativity and beauty.

What did you do before Commaful, and how did you find it?

Before Commaful, I posted short stories on I was searching for contests and I found a Commaful one and entered it, but I didn't like the format so I left.

I got an email asking for feedback on why I left, so I answered and felt bad and decided to post a poem. Because of that, I'm a poet now!

What was your biggest challenge?

When I first joined, I struggled to create content that I was happy with. I was too busy trying to write content that I thought would get popular.

Once I abandoned that mindset and wrote what meant the most to me, my account started to grow.

So, What’s your best memory? It could be irl or on a app :}

My best memory is almost all of the time I spent in Katimavik. Living in a house with 10 other people my age and being a full-time volunteer honestly changed my life.

Do you have anything you want to say to commaful?

Tell your friends that you love them, because before you know it you could be too late.

Who do you think is the most underrated person on commaful?

I'd say @somskies. Their stories are so amazing that no amount of likes is enough XD

Who do you think is the kindest/ greatest person or friend?

@jaxjax is so supportive whenever people are going through things. They're an amazing part of the community.

So many members of the Commaful Discord community are amazing friends who inspire me so much.

And last but not least, Who Inspires you the most?

There are so many people. @sydney and @rch are absolute gods for creating this website, so I'd say them.

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