Commaful Interview #5
Commaful Interview #5 himari_11 stories

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Commaful Interview #5

Do you have any advice for commaful?

Know what you like to write and if you wanna write.

What do you like the most about commaful?

The different things people write and of course all the short stories and poems. I also love the community this place built.

What did you do before Commaful, and how did you find it?

Before commaful, I wrote books with my friends. While writing I found my love for it and looked for good places to write. While searching, I found commaful and decided to join!

What was your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge was what to write and how. I always have ideas but to write that was a bit hard for me.

Do you have anything you want to say to commaful?

I want to say that commaful helped me find a new hobby rather than just me watching videos. Through me writing I found my new talent and interest!

Who do you think is the most underrated person on commaful?

I think one underrated person is @that_one_weirdo. They have very interesting facts and lovely stories.

Who do you think is the kindest/ greatest person or friend?

When I first begun writing on commaful I made 2 friends @ hymn and @indigosparkles. They were very supportive of what I wrote and was just all in all amazing friends :)

And last but not least, Who Inspires you the most?

Other than @hymn and @indigosparkles, @bruvton, @goldenflames, @whynot and @taeismybaibae all inspire me to write meaningful short stories and funny jokes!

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