~Interviews of the Commainians~
~Interviews of the 
Commainians~ stories

commainian Interviewer of the Commainians
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Want to be interviewed? Here's how---
(Also known as @darklyloved)

~Interviews of the Commainians~

Hey! I'm Deena and I'm doing something new on Commaful~

I've decided that I'm going to interview users of Commaful (Commainians)

And make a story out of them using true information.

Hopefully, this will bring our community closer as we slowly get to know each other and understand what kind of community this is for new users, which is a friendly and warming community.

I will be interviewing people about their: Inspirations, Dreams/Goals, Key(s) to Achieve Their Goal, What Commaful Means to Them, and more!

If you would like to be interviewed, please comment in the section anything random or something as simple as "I would like to be interviewed."

Personal information will not be given out without permission (Ex: Name, Age etc..)

I will Direct Message you when I do interview you, so please make sure you are able to respond.

These interviews will take time, so please I ask for patience so I am able to make these stories as best as I can! Thank you for all the support<3

~Have A Nice Day~

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