You have one MAYBE two (if you are lucky)

      You have one MAYBE two 

       (if you are lucky) storyjam#3 stories

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For those who are new to poetry. How many good poems are in you?


You have one MAYBE two (if you are lucky)

Hello everyone, today I will "lay it on thick" for you all

It's a serious topic that does not get discussed

and it is about time that we come face to face with our fears and answer the question:

"How many good poems do I have in me"?

I have personally written a few poems and I have come to realize that it was true, that the first ones were the best ones.

If you are new to poetry, you should know that you are not likely to ever get the inspiration for more the ONE good poem.

That means you'd do well to spend 6 months working on it for hours on end and then NEVER show it to anyone...

Because they won't get it anyway.

Once you stop getting the inspiration, it is OVER.

Pack it and leave because you are done and nothing you ever write will ever be even remotely decent.


I was joking

You caught me! I really thought I had been able to keep a straight face

Clearly, you are not one that is easily fooled, are you?

So, in all honesty, about 2 years ago I found myself writing a poem and I truly believed it was going to be the only poem I would ever write.

I think it was because I found the Ruyard Kippling piece called: "IF"

And I thought this very large poem I was writing was going to be a way for me to encapsulate many years worth of experiences into something I could carry with me.

One of the things I did was I packed a very large amount of metaphors and ideas so that every line was it's own little story.

It was very fun to make, but just like a symbol, it only meant something for me, so that anyone else who read it never truly saw it.

And maybe that is why I made this piece today, to mention that, MAYBE your poetry, although public is only meant for you.

Maybe it could also be for the human spirit, or a friend, or a stranger... you never really know who it is for... it seems...

and I don't know about anyone else, but after 350 pieces or so, it is more fun to make them as I go

because I thought I would eventually, run out of "juice" which can happen, but it's a different matter

There is obviously no end to what can described using poetry and after doing it every single day for idk how long, it is def. more fun.

so yeah, keep writing; a famous British female artist (who I can't find atm) explained that her teacher once told her:

"If what you are making it's not an experiment, then what is the point?"

I can't beat that question.

Have a nice day!

Oh I forgot! If you want to have some fun, experiment and have a challenge,

We have a story Jam with special images for you to use from an amazing Japanse artist.

Deadline is on Sunday at midnight! You also have the chance to evaluate yourself and improve!

do it! or not..wtv

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