Do you know why you write?
Do you know why you write? commafultips stories
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Need inspiration for writing? You'll like what we have for you today! New backgrounds are out! 👉 http://www.commafultips.c...

Do you know why you write?

Hello everyone! We hope you all got a great start for this week! Before we share today's backgrounds and tips,

We'd like to give a shout out to @debadityadutta and to @mcghosty! Both of them made incredible use of the backgrounds!

It's your participation what gives our job a reason and we are motivated and happy when we see that it helps you!

Let's get started! We got a few things for you today we think you will love!

First of the backgrounds are UP and you can get them right now by following the link below 👇

We made these with the latest contest in mind called: "Didn’t Go As a Planned Story"

We hope it might give you inspiration in case you also want to take part in that contest.

Let's now go to the main course of this post!

In the title, we asked if you knew why you write.

It's a tough question, we know! But we believe this can lead to less anxiety and much more fulfillment down the road!

While you meditate on that, we want to share with you a very neat structure you can use to write Commaful pieces!

The reason for this structure is to help you cut your story or poem into different parts which you move through.

Boo is the one who suggested we told you guys about it, so we will hand it over the next bit to him:

Hey everyone!

So I am supposed to tell you about my own creative process, right?

The first thing I do is think about what MOST scares me right at this moment.

BTW, did you know that the only two fears we are born with are "loud noises" and "falling off"?

is that true?!

Anyway, I "feel" this fear, then I try to describe it and when I do it becomes real!

That immediately sends me into a new place. And here the main emotion is no longer fear.

Instead, it is SADNESS. and in this second step, I describe the sadness that this situation brought to me.

The third step is kind of tricky, because I will then use a dangerous energy to move away from sadness.

It's called ANGER and in this third phase I describe what about the situation makes me angry. I'll blame others as well as myself and describe that as best as I can.

The fourth and last step is all about using that ANGER to thrust myself up into a place in which I no longer set myself apart from others.

Having given my fear, sadness and anger a voice, I am now able to feel gratitude by acknowledging that life is also fair and often very good to me!

And it turns out that when I approach writing this way I end up filling stronger and lighter at the end of it!

Wow! That's cool isn't it?! Anyway we love it! Thanks Boo!!

No problemo duderoo!

Do you think Boo's idea can help you? Will you give it a try?

If you want to see a clear cut example of the 4 part structure , check out the link in the Comments

Thank you for your time and have a great week!

Also, consider tagging @commafultips when you use the backgrounds, so we can all check it out!

To see what users are making with these backgrounds, simple type: Commafultips in the search box!

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