Day 2
Day 2 hungergames stories

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Day 2 is done

Day 2

"Wheres Elliott?" Corinna asks. Her makeup artist shrugs and keeps layer a bright pink color to her lips. Corinna almost gags. "Corinna!" Elliott comes bursting into the room. "The games are starting again! The tributes woke up!" Corinna jumps up and follows Elliott to the screen.

The early morning is still dark. Shows lingered and only the tiniest amount of light peaks through the windows. They had given up chasing Avani and the three other girls. They meaning the group of 5.

"Kirabella." Alastor whispered, shaking Kirabella slightly. She wakes up and sighs. She knows what has to be done. They tiptoe over to where Kita and Drayce are soundlessly sleeping.

Alastor slowly grabs a butter knife from a pocket in his assigned jacket and quietly slides it across Drayce's neck. He then goes to Kita, but before he can get to her the cannon goes off. Kirabella and Alastor cringe, the had forgot about the extremely loud cannon. Kita shoots up in her sleep, looking around to see Drayce.

"Drayce." She mouths, no sound coming out of her mouth. As if she had been muted. Alastor goes over to her and holds the knife to her throat. "I'll keep you alive, but sayone word to Kayl and we'll end your life in the blink of an eye." Alastor hisses in her ear. Kita nods fastly, tears dropping out of her eyes.

Alastor releases Kita and climbs back into his bed. Kirabella lays her head on a mattress on the floor. Kita goes in the corner of the room, holding her knees, and silently crying.

Ekon couldnt sleep all night. His eyes are bloodshot from the lack of sleep. He looks to Mel and Autumn, tied up and still sleeping. The other careers are just starting to wake up and go to talk to Mel. Meila, Cia, and Brooklynne (thank god) are awake. Brooklynne frowns. "I missed a whole day and am still alive?" She asks in disbelief.

"Yeah." Cia replies. Shes walking over to Autumn and Mel. Mel who has slowly started to open her eyes. "good morning sleepy head." "What am I doing here?" She asks. Cia laughs. "We'll release you when we deem you trustworthy.

"Whats going on?" Chanel asks with a yawn as she wakes up. "Oh nothing." Cia says, motioning to Mel with her eyes. Chanel skips over and sits by Mel. "Why'd you steal from us?" Chanel narrows her eyes. Mel looks angrily at her.

"because I was helping Autumn and Athena." Mel says. Chanel draws her hand back and slaps Mel across the face. Mel laughs in surprise then spits onto Chanel's face. Chanel gasps in disgust, wiping the spit off her face. "Disgusting creature." She mutters.

Willow, Nat, and April watch Avani curiously. Avani hadn't bothered speaking to them or kill them. She just sits near them, staring..., listening. "She kind of scares me..." Willow whispers. April agrees. "Sssh..." Nat says, trying to figure Avani out. Maybe Avani feels safe by them?

"I'm getting tired." Willow says. "me too." Nat yawns sleepily. "April, can you take first watch?" "yeah sure." April yawns herself. Willow and Nat settle down against the stone wall and fall asleep. Avani smirks. Now is her chance.

Avani tiptoes over to April, grabbing a sword that Nat must have snatched. April whips her head around only for it to be severed. April runs like hell as the canon goes off, taking the sword with her. "APRIL!" Willow screams. Nat bolts awake and sees the decapitated head lying there.

"Willow! We need to run!" Nat yells, taking Willows hand. Tears drip down Willows rosy cheeks as they leave a very much dead April.

Charley wakes up from another nightmare about Phantom. She looks up to the second story where she knows Sarah is. Sarah then walks down the stairs onto the first floor. Charley jumps up. "What are you doing!?" She snarls. "Going hunting?" Sarah rolls

her eyes. "Want to come?" Charkey thinks for a moment before getting up. Not like she wants to come...she's just being nice! Sarah has to weapon and Charley has a small dagger! They walk outside and block their eyes as the bright sun beams right at them.

"Okay follow me." Sarah says. She leads Charley to an orchard beyond the city that nobody had cared to look for. Well everybody except Sarah. Charley sniffs the fresh air that smells way better than the disgusting abandoned city. "Rabbits holes are just this way!" Sarah chirps happily.

"How'd you find this?" Charley gasps in amazement. "Patience and curiosity." She smirks. She puts her face down by a hole in the ground. "There they are." Sarah sticks her hand down the hole and scoops up a squirming rabbit. "Its best to do it not looking...." Charley suggests.

Sarah closes her eyes and snaps the rabbits neck. Charley winces. "Lunch." Sarah gulps.

Jorge sighs. He is bored out of his mind. The only fun thing to do around was to climb on top of the stairs and swing down a giant pole. He'd never been in the city besides for the capitol and this city was much more... dirtier than the beautiful cities of the capitol. Jorge would much have rathered a forest. Jorge's stomach rumbles and he realises how hungry and

thirsty he is. Maybe he can sneak to the cornucopia...although that was a huge risk. The careers will be there- Jorge looks at the plants to his side and decides that those should be edible. Now for water...he can figure that out later. Jorge decides to eat.

He grabs the plant and and stuffs it into his mouth. He smiles with delight. It wasn't yummy, but it filled up his stomach.

"Oh no." Says a teenager next to Corinna. "What is it?" Corinna asks, happy that Jorge has found food. Even though she is not his mentor. (For tributes: Remember you can ask your mentos for advice)

"That's not just a plant. Its SOAKED in poison!" The teen exclaims. Corinna and Elliott sigh. Another kid is about to die.

Jorge walks away from the plant and decides to slide from the pole again. He runs up the stairs, grips the pole, and slides down laughing. All of the sudden his stomach lurched and he bent forward. Vomit spills out of his mouth. "Gross." He mutters, wiping his mouth. He walks to a bench and sits down, holding his stomach.

Jorge vomits again. And Again. And again. Until he drops to the floor, shivering. Chills run up his arms and spine as he vomits more. He doesn't care that he's vomiting on himself... He vomits one more time then goes limp. The canon goes off.

Kayl yawns and sits up. "Goodmorning..." She looks to the floor where there was a tiny sliver of blood. She dismisses it. Kita is curled up in a corner, Alastor is sleeping, and Kirabella is playing with some rocks. "Wakeup!" Kayl yells. Alastor flits his eyes open and smiles.

"Wheres Drayce?" Kayl asks panicking. "I dont know..." Alastor lies. "He went outside for night shift. He's probably chasing butterflies." Alastor laughs. Kayl jumps to her feet and rushes outside. Alastor, Kita, and Kirabella follow her. "DRAYCE!" Kayl screams.

"Oh my god, Drayce!" Kirabella gasps. Drayce lay outside, covered in blood.


"She'll know we killed him if we leave him here." Kirabella whispered. Alastor bit his lip. Kita was still in her corner. "Then we put him outside. We'll pretend the careers killed him." Alastor suggested. Alastor dragged Drayce outside while Kirabella tried wiping off the blood stains.

~Present time~

"Oh no." Alastor mutters. Kita bursts into tears (not having to act) When Kirabella and Alastor go back inside Kita sits by the body crying. "Kita." Whispers Kayl. Kita looks up at her. "I'm not dumb." She hisses.

"This is the doing of Kirabella and Alastor." Kita looks away. "Kita. I know you cared about Drayce. So tell me the truth." Kayl whispers. "I cant." Kita sobs. "Because I don't know..." She lies and heads back inside.

"I'm getting vibes of last year..." Kayl mutters remembering Artemis kill a poor girl named Emma. "Its happening again..."

"Mel." Autumn whispers. Mel looks at Autumn. "What is it?" She whispers back. Autumn slides something from her hand to Mels hand. A dagger. "Cut me free." Autumn pleads. Mel thinks for a second then begins to slice Autumns rope.

The rope silently loosens around Autumn and Autumn snatches the dagger from Mel, quietly standing up. She walks behind Pandora, Cia, and Collin who are sharpening weapons. "PANDORA!" Brooklynne yells, looking up. Pandora jumps out of the way as Autumn tries to stab her. Autumn tries to stab Cia, but Cia rolls out of the way.

Collin gets up to run and Autumn squints her eyes, points the dagger, and throws it. It hits Collins back with a thunk. Collin slowly slides to the floor. "NO!!!" Pandora yells, rushing to her teammate. Autumn runs back to Mal and cuts her free.

They sprint off, and out of the corner of Mels eyes she spots Ekon. "Ekon!" Mel waves her arm, motioning her to come with them. Ekon hesitates then decides she has no choice. Mel has given away her hiding spot. Ekon runs to Mel.

"Don't kill Ekon." Collin coughs, blood coming out of his mouth. "May the odds be ever in your favor." He looks at Pandora. Pandora sniffs. "May the odds be ever in your favor..." She careers look sadly at Collin as his eyes flutter shut. Brooklynne frowns, sad to have not warn him soon enough.

"yacht party, yacht party, yacht party!" Corinna cheers dancing around. She pours a bucket of water over her head, and Elliott rolls her eyes. "Corinna. Its selfish to be having fun when innocent kids are getting killed." Elliott scolds. Corinna laughs. "I need to liiive a little." Corinna

smirks. A boy walks up to the two and evil smiles. He is probably about 10? "Hey lady wanna have a dance competition?" The boy laughs. "Oh my gooood! YES!" Corinna laughs, going to compete against the little boy. Elliott groans.

Elliott is the only one who notices the sky while Corinna keeps dancing.

Jorge from district 5 April from district 7 Collin from district 10 Drayce from district 12

"April..." Meila frowns. April was from Meila's district. She didn't know her very well but she is still sad by her death. She sticks 3 fingers in the air.

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